Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Boy

Somewhat unbelievable to me, it is W's birthday this week...
I present to you, 
The Evolution of the Birthday Crown :)

Gathering materials-- bubble wrap, plant dyed wool roving, and hot soapy water...

The result after an afternoon of  wet felting.
I used many shades of blue over white wool in an attempt to create a cloudy sky.

Cut out and stitched.

The finished piece with needlefelted detail!

Today was W's friendship birthday celebration, held at the Rosegarden park down the street from us.
It was a lovey time and just enough.
I was really trying to keep the day simple and joyous; my goal always avoiding too much overstimulation.

I requested no gifts, but handmade cards or treasures were much appreciated. 

Party favors were homemade playdoh packaged in silk squares and flowers..

This recipe for sugar free banana muffins was delicious!

W's birthday ring is something I look forward to each year.
We purchased the green worm when he turned one (perfect for his old nickname, "the worm!"),
 but I decided to use other materials to represent subsequent years...
such as a rock for his 2nd birthday (the boy loves his rocks!) and a seashell for this year.

I borrowed a parachute from the gymnastics studio where I used to coach...

We had such fun!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet boy.
I love you more than you'll ever know.



  1. it looks like you had a beautiful birthday celebration. it looks so special and simple and he looks so happy.

  2. I finally caught up with your blog! I'm so glad Wesley had a beautiful birthday celebration! We miss you and can't wait to see you and the kids soon!

    Much love!!!

  3. Congratulations to your "W". The pictures are wonderfull and I can see it was a lovely day!
    Big hug & love and light to you all

  4. Happy Birthday to him! It looks like you all had a wonderful birthday celebrations :0) x

  5. Happy birthday!! What a great crown - it will be enjoyed with love for years to come. :)

  6. A beautiful celebration of brith, made me wish I was a kid again :)

  7. What a beautiful birthday celebration for W! The playdough bundles are perfect favors, and the crown is well-suited to such a growing boy.

  8. Rebecca, (I am having trouble leaving a comment! Hope this works!)
    My heavens, W. takes my breath away he is so beautiful- he really does- seriously tears came to my eyes at his smiling face on the parachute, because he is radiating such utter joy that I felt it too!
    Happy, happy birthday to you both! I love age 3!
    Love, Melanie
    PS I also love his hair. . . you know how I love long wild hair on little boys. :)

  9. PS also, I wanted to say how I appreciate the way in which you celebrated his birth. Simple, surrounded by loved ones, full of meaning and love.

  10. What a beautiful day! I love his birthday crown!

  11. How absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday (to both of you)!

  12. What a lovely birthday you had for W. The crown you made came out great! I just can't believe W is now three years old!

    If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that beautiful wooden frame from? I is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Oh my, I know this is late but Happy Birthday W. Has it really been another year?! Yet that smile just gets bigger and bigger. Take care.


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