Handwork Portfolio

Handwork, 2010-present
*older projects towards the bottom

needlefelted fruits and veggies

Knitted Vest

Painting Board and Paint Pot Holder

Handstitched Wool Birthday Banner

Puppets for story: Granny Evergreen

painted rainbow silk

Puppets for original story: An Autumn Walk

Puppets and scenery created for story: The Autumn Blanket

Toddler T-shirt with applique

Lady of Spring Needlefelting

Hand rolled beeswax candle

Toadstool Stacker

Needlefelted "Old Man of March"

Root children and knitted Lamb

"Little Bear" custom needlefelting

Simple wool roving fairy

"Poisson D'Avril" Puppet Play and Wave stacker

Knitted Sugar Bunny

Wool Fairy Mobile

Needlefelted Snowdrop Fairy

Fire element stacker

Needlefelted flying bird

Valentine Gnomes

Solstice Fairy and Santa Klaus 2010

Hand dyed Playsilks 2010

Rainbow Stackers 2010

Needlefelted nest, birds, soft ball, and hand sewn strawberries
, Summer 2010

Birthday Fairy

Needlefelted Mother Earth, Summer 2010

Watercolor, 2010

Needlefelted Harvest Maiden, Fall 2010

Baby Legwarmers, Summer 2010

My first felted playscape, summer 2010

Needlefelted August Doll, Summer 2010
Hand dipped beeswax candles, summer 2010
Toadstool homes, summer 2010

needlefelted Thanksgiving Doll, Fall 2010
Acorn babies, Fall 2010

Knitted Hat, Summer 2010
Martinmas Lanterns, 2010

Needlefelted Babywearing mama, spring 2010
Toadstool home, spring 2010

Hand sewn Gnome, spring 2010
Mama chicken and her chicks, spring 2010
Tie Dyes, spring 2010

My VERY first needlefelted figure, spring 2010
handsewn strawberries, spring 2010


  1. i love your work. Thanks for sharing. Wish you were closer so we could felt together. Do you have problems with the little ones, not being gentle with your things. I have had some ruff children. Joyfully Chandi

  2. Oh my - what an inspirtion Rebecca. I was just up your way yesterday - not too far at all! Maybe a visit this Fall?

    Beautiful handwork.

    Love & light, Nicole

  3. Wonderful, "Happy days" cheers Marie

  4. Wow! I just stumbled upon your site from another that listed you and I'm sooooo inspired! Your handwork is BEAUTIFUL...I look forward to "following you"...!
    :) Cheri


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