Thursday, February 2, 2012


Candle, candle, burning bright,
Fill us with your holy light.
May the flame of joy and love
Glow now in our hearts.

 ...No need for many words or explanations today.
How would you describe a day such as Candlemas to a very young child?

You don't.

They make of it what they will.
They gaze into candlelight..
They take it all in.

The evolution of an earthen candle...
Dig a small, deep hole...
Fill with melted beeswax or parafin 

 Watch it bubble and sizzle...
...And eventually calm down:) 

Place a candle wick in the center and hold it there....and wait.

and wait.

Trim the wick and watch them glow..
(spoons work well for digging!)

Dig around the candle once hardened and may even recognize a heart shape...or something else wonderful:)

This little light of mine...

...I'm going to let it shine!


  1. Oh how lovely!!! I especially like the earthen candle for Candlemas! I'm going to try to remember that for next year! I think Candlemas is one of my favorite celebrations...of course I might say that about all the Waldorf festivals;-)

  2. Simply beautiful! You have really captured the essence of Candlemas. I love the earth candles!

  3. And shine you do, my friend! Love what you do with the children, so much fun for them (and you too I bet?!)
    ~ joey ~

  4. A gorgeous celebration! Loving all the very necessary candlelight at this time of the year.

  5. the warm light feeds us all!

  6. What wonderful candle photos on this special day. And I love the earthen candle. I've never heard of that before. What a great idea.

  7. beautiful! Your day looks so peaceful

  8. Lovely, love the earthen candles you made! In the Netherlands we call this day 'Maria Lichtmis' (licht = light). We light all the old candles and Mother Earth and her rootchildren appear on our seasons table. Love and light, Barbara

  9. Wouldn't they be just gorgeous left in the ground, lighting up a path? I might just have to try this for our first summer camp out in the back yard. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. So beautiful, dear Rebecca! I love the peace and light that radiate from this space. :)
    And I love that shelf in your home!

  11. Lovely! I've been wanting to try the, digging in the ground, candle making! Looks like fun. Maybe we'll do one in sand in the summer.

  12. I love the "Feel" of your post as if I am almost present! Let's face it there is very little that brings the warmth back like candle light :-D

    I also made a cauldron sand candle (under crafts on my blog) last year and it is really quick and easy, I liked that it doesn't have the shrinkage that you usually get from candlemaking.

    Thanks for sharing x

  13. What a wonderful celebration. I would like to invite you to share at our sharing party at Thank you!

  14. Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!! Have a wonderful week! We hope you will share with us again next week.

  15. Oh I just love all of your photos for Candlemas :) we celebrated as well and I can't wait to try making an earthen candle like yours next year. So neat!

  16. Ok, so I'm late to the party but a year later it (earthen candle) is still amazing so thanks for leaving it up I most assuredly am going to do this come Yule, but I guess it could be used at any of the fire festivals.
    Blessings from down under.

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