Thursday, August 9, 2012

The most lovely help...

The Summer here at Playgarden in slowly coming to a close. 
We just finished the final touches on our final puppet play for the month...
We typically experience the same story for a month, so this will be last show of the Summer.
It will also be the last puppet play for 3 of our playgarden children who will be attending kindergarten and 1st grade in the Fall.

Here is the eldest child, G, helping me prepare for the puppet play during rest time.
This was the first time I asked for her help and she was so excited to be a part of the show!
Her role was that of a crafter as well as playing the glockenspiel during the play.
We told the story for the first time today, and she did a lovely job.

Her hands are strong enough to create with modeling beeswax!

I will detail the story later this week.
It is entitled "The Green Button" and can be found in the Wynstones Summer book (my favorite collection of the 4 seasons)

Thank you for all of W's birthday wishes. It was a lovely celebration with our family this past Tuesday, and of course, candles in his Wednesday honey cornbread at snack during Playgarden. 
I typically do not make such a huge deal over birthdays during playgarden; a simple gift (for Summer birthdays, it has been a seashell necklace wrapped in the correct layers of tissue paper according to the child's age) and candles during snack time.
The verse I use before lighting the candles..
"Peas porridge hot,
Peas porridge cold,
our little (name) is (age) years old!"

It is such a joy to have the children participate in all aspects of caring for the home and all of the activities that come with it. There is something for every child, even the tiniest:)


  1. How lovely - it made me miss our Waldorf inspired school greatly.
    I love it when my smallest helps me with the dishes - it is all about experiencing bubbles, water and using them in ways previously unthought about :)(who knew a hand juicing tool made a fantastic waterfall!?)

  2. Little helpers are so magical. I am struck how much your little one has grown this year! Blessings to you both.


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