Sunday, July 29, 2012

The sea calls my name...

We're shore bound and I'm excited and relieved...
There is something about the ocean.
I embarked on my very first overnight trip without W for the first time last week.
I was visiting a very good friend's beach house about 2 hours away for the night and we had such a incredible time.

The beach house. Oh yes.
I hold the key to it for the next week so W and I are leaving tomorrow afternoon to stay the night.

How fantastic it was to sit on the beach on my own with nothing in the world to do all day long.
I sat where the waves broke for over an hour, just feeling the cold water wash over my legs....



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  1. I love the ocean too. A scientific friend of mine once told me it is the negative ions that the ocean creates that make us feel I still don't quite understand that but it is very soothing.


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