Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mama Beauty..

This Friday, January 6th, we will celebrate Epiphany and the beginning of The Epiphany Season....to me, this is the real, true close of the Christmas Season; the day our tree is repurposed, all greens removed from the home, all decorations to be placed in the attic to rest...

We had a quiet home day today; staying cozy and slowly removing ornaments from the Christmas Tree. I am hoping for this change to be gradual up until Thursday evening, the Eve of Epiphany.
As we begin the New Year, I am thinking of aspects of my life I'd like to...refurbish...revist...revitalize?

Ah, before anyone starts groaning about reading one more New Year's resolution, hear me out...
This isn't so much a resolution, but a part of my life I'd like to remember.
I am sure I share the sentiment of many mothers who feel like they have forgotten about aspects of personal care (ok, that sounds bad..)
I'm talking about the details which may serve to make us feel even more good and beautiful.
Since becoming a mother, I've taken a backseat to caring for my appearance. It's so difficult to write about this without sounding vain or shallow! Sure, I run a brush through my hair, wash my face, and surely brush my teeth every day, but I am looking into getting back into a...revised beauty routine.
A good friend and I took a trip to a large cosmetics store tonight. I came with a short list and stuck to it; feeling uncomfortable with all  of the sales associates schooling me on pores and exfoliation.
I decided to spend $50 on quality and organic skincare and makeup. The bare essentials, in my opinion....

Organic 100% Argan Oil
-this is a  fantastic and all purpose moisturizer and anti acne treatment. It also serves to prevent split ends (hair) and promote healthy growth. I highly recommend this product!!

(not my photo...but a very nice representation of Argan oil)

An Eyelash Curler 
-an easy and painless procedure which takes about 8 seconds. An instant eye opener! The deal I got was great; it included a generous sized sample of natural mascara, another easy way to open your eyes.

A Face Complexion Brush
This brush makes face washing a treat. I felt invigorated after my first time using it.

I also purchased a color palette with a few natural colored eyeshadows, a bronzer, and a lip gloss. This will be for special occassions.

I feel good about these purchases and I am looking forward to spending a little bit more time on caring for myself. Just this past week, a teacher from our local Waldorf school observed during playschool for the morning. We had a wonderful discussion to follow this with many memorable suggestions, observations, and information. One of the snippets of our discussion I have been thinking about lately is the fact that as a teacher (and mother!) of young children, I must take care of myself and be well rested. The energy and "life force" I bring to my space has much to do with who I am and I how I perceive myself and others. This is not to say that I must be "beautiful", for that could mean anything and everything...but I feel that I must make sure that I make time for myself in the morning, that I look in the mirror and take the time to...take care of myself. I'm worth it...and so are you:)


  1. No, you do not sound vain at all! Wanting to take care of yourself is a sign of health and growth! One of the things I really respect about Waldorf is the emphasis that is placed on the caregiver, be it parent or teacher (or both!) doing inner work, getting adequate rest, and self care.

  2. this is such a good point, personally I'm not a make up wearer, but I totally agree that it is important that we as the carers also need to care for ourselves. We need to feel healthy and beautiful and relaxed to do our mothering job to the best of our abilities. One of my resolutions is to try and follow a morning ayurveda routine, including oral care, body and hair care as well as exercise, yoga and meditation. I tell you it makes me a MUCH nicer mummy when I have this wee bit of time in the morning spent on myself rather than waking up and my focus straight away being on the kids.

  3. I'm so glad that you chose natural organic products to buy! The cosmetic industry scares me with all the toxic ingredients that they put into their products and expect us to smother ourselves in them! I learned a long time ago to only buy my cosmetics from a health food store!
    Have you discovered coconut oil yet? I use it on my hair (to defriz and moisturize), in my homemade lip balm and perfume, and as a skin lotion for dry spots (elbows and winter hands). You can even cook with it!
    ~ joey ~

  4. I love this. Such a good reminder. I also have had times where I ignore my own self care. Like you say beyond the day to day things like brushing your teeth and such. LOL I do find though that I feel better when I blow dry my hair and put a little make up on. I feel ready to meet the world. If someone came by I wouldn't shrink away, LOL!

  5. Dear Rebecca, gosh you do not come off as shallow at all! It is important to feel good about yourself, inside and out too.
    My appearance also takes a back seat- as I get older I realize I can't quite get away with just "Washing my face with water" any longer. . . sigh.
    I used to wear my hair super long- and was proud of it and loved it and took such good care of it. Now I wash it and go- hardly ever even brush it. I often put a scarf or hat over it. I think it is suffering as a result. I'd like to grow it back and care for it and have pretty hair again!

  6. for me, this type of mama beauty/mama care is getting a massage. i love to have that quiet time where someone helps smooth out the kinks. i never learned to wear makeup and have tried over the years. but, the massage sure does it for me!

  7. i have missed looking at your blog lately (i've been on break from blogland). i had long ago set aside a couple wooden bowls because i remember reading somewhere on your site that you were looking for some. is that still true? can you make a wish list button that i could look at?

  8. Did I mention how freakn' pretty you are mama??!! So natural so lovely ;)

    Loved this post!

    Samantha (Woodland vWoolens)


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