Friday, January 6, 2012

Three Kings Day (Epiphany)

I sure love a festival day!
It's just what I need after feeling melancholy at the end of the Christmas Season. On the eve of Epiphany, we remove all decorations and greenery from our house, including the  Christmas Tree....

Ok....or maybe Jay does most of the work... :)

This is closure for me, friends. Christmas is really over.
Epiphany is becoming one of my most beloved festivals, as it is both meaningful, magical, and something to look forward to:)

Star of Bethlehem shaped French Toast for a morning treat...

A new centerpiece..

The Three Kings depicted and a bit of incense, which the children had many questions about...

It was a beautiful day outside...the children have really taken to climbing the trees at the park...even the littlest of littles are inching their way up with no help from us.

Of course, I am apt to join in on the fun!

Monica and I chose not to help the children climb. I believe that if they can get up, they can find a way down. If we place them on a branch, I feel that they won't be able to get down safely. The children climb as high as they feel comfortable. If we place them where we (standing a good 3-4 feet taller in height) think is a good spot, it may be too high for them...or there may not be ample branches for them to climb down.  Sometimes the small children get frustrated, but we know their time will come. 
And it has.

Our story today told the tale of the three kings following the brightest star to the child full of light...
I found myself with somewhat cranky but adorable child in lap...
but that's ok:)

Hmmm..the Three Kings look kind of like..gnomes. I found some beautiful wood representations of the Three Kings, but ran out of money to purchase them in time. The children are used to seeing these little peg gnomes take on many roles! Next year, I'll look into making the purchase, as they are of great quality and craftmanship...and they would be well loved, too.

It is during days like today where I have to stop and remind myself that "doing" is more important than "telling" or "explaining". Do more, talk less: that is my new affirmation. While working with impressionable young children who learn and live by imitation, that's the best advice I can give myself or anyone else.

Happy Three Kings Day to you!


  1. a lovely post as always Rebecca and I truly agree with your sentiments about tree climbing. I think we never give our kids enough credit that they do know their limits and I think it's important that we give them the chance to discover their own limits (and nature's). I think it is shocking though to many parents though the way I act. I never 'run to the rescue' when my kids climb to the top of the tallest tree, or fall over a curb learning to step up or down. I know I get people looking at me as if I don't care or haven't noticed, but I simply want to give my kids the gift of knowing themselves without needing my constant imput as to what is safe for them and what is not. hugs Laura x

  2. I never have been able to hold off until 3 kings day before I tear everything down and start cleaning and organizing! :o( Maybe next year!
    I totally agree with your tree climbing views. B has giving me some near heart attacks climbing trees but so far he's always made it down somehow!
    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Where do you get those paintings and the holder or do you paint them yourself?

  4. Sounds like a beautiful epiphany celebration, love all of your Three Kings art. I also really loved the reminder at the end of your post to do more and talk less, such an important reminder to model the behavior you want rather than just telling, love that!

  5. This is lovely! Thank you for sharing! We marked Epiphany in a low key way this year and it was a really nice way to close out the Christmas season.

  6. Beautiful. And wonderful. You are an amazing teacher, your littles are lucky to have you guiding them!

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

  7. A lovely celebration! How lucky they are.


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