Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sweet Dreams...

After almost 29 months of co-sleeping, we've made the decision to move a twin bed into what is now W's bedroom. While we truly loved sharing a bed with W....well, he's not getting any smaller. Or shorter. And when we quietly come to bed later in the evening, we almost always end up waking him. After 20 minutes of nursing, tossing, turning, and fussing...he's usually back to sleep. We're all kind of tired and looking for a change.

W helped moved his twin bed (previously in our bedroom, mostly used as a springboard to jump onto our Queen bed!) into his new room with much enthusiasm. 
We set everything up with him and played in his room for the rest of the evening. The transition has been so smooth thus far. We're keeping our bedtime rhythm the same, and I know this has helped. Don't get me wrong, he's not "sleeping through the night" in his room without waking up and crying for us...but I feel like sleeping through the night is a misnomer, anyhow. I can't remember the last time I slept straight through the night! 

Speaking of transitions, the conclusion of the holiday season is always difficult for me. It's hard to believe that Christmas was one week ago already! I feel pangs of sadness as I walk though the stores in our town and see Christmas merchandise...twinkling lights, ringing bells, candles...this Christmas was so beautiful and memorable; I can hardly believe it is over. I am missing the magic and anticipation which was so fresh last week.

Along with the new year comes a promise of renewed hope, strength, and energy. The cold winter air does a great job of waking me up from this slump. My answer  is...more time outdoors:)
Happy 2012, friends!


  1. i agree with you..... what is sleeping through the night?? i have been a mum for nearly 10 years and i can't say i have slept through the night, but then its not that important to us either.
    I am missing the Christmas excitement too :-( it's such a lovely time of year.
    Happy 2012 to you all and looking forward to seeing it here!!

  2. I too feel sad with the quick passing of Christmas. I love W's new room, great job. I am sure he will continue to love it too.

  3. AWE! I love this. We are a cosleeping family as well and I remember the day that we decided that our kids were old enough to have their own beds in their own bedroom. We definitely all get more sleep now but I have to admit that they really only use their own beds for half of the night if that. They both end up snuggling with me in my bed with Andy on the couch by midnight. :) I actually kind of like it still but I am glad to have them in their own space too. Happy for you to have made the step. Cosleeping is beautiful and I believe it helps kids to adjust really confidently in their own space. I love his bedroom! The tree on the wall is really lovely. Peace and happy new year mama!

  4. Happy New Year! Our little boy got his own bed this summer. He sleeps in it at the beginning of the night, and moves in with us sometime after midnight. It is a process of gradual development. A step toward independence, a step back to Mama and Papa for reassurance.

  5. I know what you mean, there is a bit of a slump that comes after Christmas. I like the renewing sense of cleaning up all the decor though. The house feels so clear and open after putting it all away for next year.

    Good luck with your little & sleeping on his own. We're working on that as well!

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    W's room seems so cozy and sweet. The tree is a wonderful touch... oh, to fall asleep under the limbs of a tree! Transitions can be challenging, but I admire your keeping his bedtime rhythm and taking the extra care to join W in his new space that first evening.

    This was the first Christmas with both of my parents gone, and I must say that I am relieved to have the season all put away. We were blessed to have our family together at Christmas, but I am looking forward to the newness to come.

  7. Dear Rebecca, thank you for sharing all that you do!
    We are also a co-sleeping family- each child has moved into his own bed/space/room on his own time. They have all shared rooms with one another as well- at one point we had our daughter and two sons in a room all together. :)
    Oh for goodness' sake, the delight in little W's face is priceless- he has such a beautiful light to him, always!
    HUGS and happy new year!

  8. Wishing you many blessings in the new year!


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