Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Playscape

My favorite and most enjoyable creation from this Holiday Season...

This wool felted playscape was created for my friend (and playschool assistant!) Monica's daughter...I began construction a few weeks ago but finished up the final details last week. I wanted to make something inspired by Winter, so I began with the igloo...created from a pair of wet felted slipper pieces which didn't pan out exactly how I thought they would. I'm hoping to try the felted slippers again soon...it's a lot harder than it looks; lots of trial and error. Or in my case...mostly error:) 

The river was created from some beautiful icy blue plant dyed wool roving from this lovely artist. The rest of the materials were gathered from outside. I especially love using stones and twigs, but the evergreen sprigs were my favorite detail this time. I don't know how long they will last, but they could always be replaced.

 I'm in the middle of cleaning out my craft closet and moving it to a spare bedroom which will now serve as my craft room (YAY!). Our other spare room will soon be....W's own bedroom. After almost 29 months of co-sleeping, we've decided it may be time. And by "we", I believe that we mean all of us, including W. I'm loving creating his space; a room for him with many special touches and lots of thought. This doesn't mean I'm not in a bit of mourning for what will soon be. 
More later...


  1. Your playscape is so beautiful!

    How fun to create your little ones room. We're also starting to think about moving Owen out. We're hoping it's a smooth transition to sleeping with big brother. Lately he begins the night with big brother and than migrates to our bed mid night. It's a step closer. I find it a little hard to sleep without his snuggles though, so I know what you mean about mourning.


  2. What a lovely playscape! Bravo ;)

  3. I love how you repurposed your slipper! It's a lovely playscape. You are lucky to have like-minded friends to create for!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Gorgeous playscape!! I love your blog. :)

  5. It's beautiful Becca! Thank you so, so much! xoxo

  6. oh how lovely...looks like you are making a wonderful and peaceful place for your little love:))))

  7. fantastic! i love, love, love it. thank you for the inspiration : )


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