Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Autumn Breeze..

There's a chill in the evening air, and I know that Prince Autumn is on his way....
This Friday is our end-of-Summer playschool puppet show, and preparations are under way.
My lovely helper, Miss H. is constructing a fisherman's net from jute...

Stay tuned for photos, storyline, and possibly a video...

The Autumn breezes are about to sweep my eldest playschool girl away to her first day of half day kindergarten next week. She'll be 6 in about 2 weeks, and I think that the decision to keep her home until now was a very, very wise one. She would have been a shining star in her classroom the year before, no doubt, but the mindset and skills she displays now are tell tale of kindergarten readiness. I'll still be with her for the morning hours, but I will so miss her presence during the afternoon. I've seen such a change in her the past few weeks. She's not the same girl who came to us back in March!  Her kindness flows like a brook every day as she shows such beautiful patience and love for my little boy...

                                   Folding each silk so carefully, and placing them into her purse..

There is much to look forward to, however, as we welcome 4 new children to playschool in the next 2 weeks with an extra day added to our schedule. I have some planning and decision making to do as I am now met with some interesting and promising propositions to bring in more income and obtain some great experience. My frame of mind always remains..."What can I do to afford Waldorf teacher training next Summer?"

The most rewarding part of my week so far, above anything else?
(And I am thinking it will get better and better?)
Being entrusted to sew new "ears" onto a beloved "lovie"


  1. we are feeling that chill here too and loving it!

  2. Wasn't that hint of autumn just delicious today? It felt so good to be outside enjoying it! xx

  3. They grow up so fast. My niece just started kindergarten. Part of me wishes that she could stay the way she is forever, but it is such a joy and privilege to watch her learn and grow. Will we be seeing your finished Prince Autumn puppet soon? Take care.

  4. It sounds like exciting things are happening for you right now! Love the puppet show set. :) I can't wait to hear more about it.

  5. We expect to feel the Autumn chill in about a week and a half! The days are still lovely and warm but I have started preparing for what is to come. I LOVE the colours of Autumn!
    I'm so happy to hear of your expanding playschool, it really is your calling nurturing young children's spirits!
    ~ joey ~

  6. I feel Prince Autumn is arriving here as well...

    *sigh* I always love your posts - they are so beautiful every time. I can tell how much love you put into your school and how much you care about the children - what lucky little ones they are! Hope you have a wonderful new season.

    also ~ those silks are beautiful, too. did you dye them?

  7. Sounds like exciting things are coming in with Prince Autumn, can't wait to hear about them.

  8. What a lovely week.
    We feel the change in the air here as well. I am not sure how I would adjust if I were living anywhere that didn't have 4 seasons.


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