Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Puppet Show

This Friday marked our last Summer Playschool day...we now prepare for the changes Fall will bring us, including kindergarten, some changes to our rhythm, and 3 new, sweet faces:) To celebrate the end of our Summer together, a puppet show was in order....

I adapted the tabletop puppet show from a story which was given to us in our notes at Sunbridge this Summer...

A storytime candle is lit and we begin with a simple song about seagulls flying...

The children wait with anticipation for the silk to be lifted from the scene..

A little crab who has outgrown his shell emerges from the waves and searches for a new place to call home..
He rhythmically walks across the golden sand; exploring all kinds of possibilities
(scratching noises created by sandpaper being rubbed together)
A sand pail? Too dark!
A beach hat? Too big!

Inside a piece of driftwood?
No! That's already home to a sand digger crab, who pokes his claw out in surprise!
(felt shaped crab claw attached to a long stick..)

Our story draws to a close as the ocean waves wash a beautiful shell ashore...
Crab finds the shell, declares it his home, and returns to the sea...
We end with the same song we began with, the silk is used to cover the scene, and the storytime candle is snuffed.
I close all of our tales and puppet plays with a "tagline"; a phrase I use to let the children know the story is over...
"Snip, Snap, my tale's told out..."
(find more here)

No puppet show is complete without W asking to nurse half way through it...

     Rahima Baldwin Dancy, an author and Waldorf early childhood educator, notes that “when stories and fairy tales are translated into cartoons or movies, they lose their evocative quality and are often too powerful…for young children. But when stories are acted out in front of the children using stand-up puppets or marionettes, the experiences have a very calming and healing effect on the children.”

Creating a puppet show for children does not require lots of props or anything elaborate. Work with what you have or what you can craft with your own hands.

             I like to do a google image search and look for's some of what I found.

...Enjoy watching your stories emerge in play, and smile:)


  1. so very lovely! i love the captivated expressions of the little ones :)

  2. Oh yes, those delighted and captivated eyes, so great! I notice this often too in your home, the sweet, content, thoughtful looks on the faces of these little children.
    Enjoying your lovely posts this evening. Hope you are all very well. Thinking of you and sending love... XOXO

  3. I love your ending saying and seeing those wide eyes in complete attention! SO sweet! Beautiful.

  4. I made up a story for my kids the other day using only my hands. They didn't even use english noises, just 'bub bub...' they loved it and went and got cushions and playsilk blankets to snuggle my hands up in :-) It took them ages to see my hands as just my hands again afterwards when we'd stopped playing. love the puppet show, thanks for sharing x

  5. I want to attend your play school! You create such a beautiful environment for these little ones and put so much care into your work with them. Bravo mama, you're amazing.

  6. oh that little elf W - just like my ezra. i love those picture of him coming over for some milk. he loves his mama.

  7. Thank you for sharing these links. The children certainly look like they had fun, with their bright and watchful eyes. As always, your photos are a delight. Take care.

  8. Beautiful and simple. I've been too intimiated to try this yet. I think I always get to complicated. do you ahve any suggestions for where to find stories as simple as the one you portrayed?

  9. You continue to inspire me Rebecca, it's all so beautiful! Thankfully my kids aren't too old yet for a good puppet show! Eric Carle's book - A House for Hermit Crab is about a similar story. I look forward to seeing your home move gently into Autumn. We're slowly started the transition here.
    ~ joey ~

  10. Too precious - always a delight to visit your space. I am glad your little school has worked out so beautifully for you.

  11. Hi there :) I've been visiting this space for a while now. Trying to inspire myself and become more familiar with the Waldorf world. My children actually attended a Waldorf inspired school not far from the River Valley school. During their puppet shows I found my children to be the only disruptive ones :( Constantly trying to grab for the props and talk out. How do you deal with this issue...or how would you if you were faced with it? I asked my sons teacher and she didn't answer- just looked at me as if I should know- quite intimidating and I felt, demeaning :( How did you deal with W coming over to nurse? Did you interupt the show? Would love your help!!!


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