Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yarn Along: Mop, Mop, Swish, Swish...

Knitting along with the lovely Ginny this week...
I'm always trying to find new ways to incorporate the love and joy for purposeful work into our homelife and playschool days...
My little boy thrives on having something meaningful to do with his hands...yes, at 23 months, I do believe that he knows the difference between "busy" versus "real" work.
He loves helping me empty the dishwasher...rinsing the dishes after lunch, throwing garbage into the can, scrubbing the bathtub, watering the flowers, and "sweeping" the floor.

I have hooks on the wall for our cleaning tools, but I don't have a full size child's broom.
Until now..
Enter Living Crafts Magazine, the only publication keeping me smiling since the cease of Mothering. (sniff, sniff! Seriously, what a loss.)

I'm giddy over these sweet knitted dust mops for young children...
The pattern from the Spring issue seemed simple enough, until I came to the double loop technique to form the loops on the mophead. Luckily, I have a friend who had emerged victorious from this project to help me. Oh, it took me a good 25 minutes to conquer this stitch, but once I did, I was loving it.

W also loved every step of this project...
(and I'm thinking that I probably won't end up with any photos of him fully clothed until September!)
I'm thinking of making a dozen or so and selling them locally closer to the holiday season..what a sweet gift!
W is throroughly enjoying dust mopping our house and I'm sure smiling while watching him:)
I'm also in full-swing party planning for W's birthday...I cast on his knitted birthday cardigan this past Saturday, and I can't put it down. It's my first sweater and I'm anxious to see how it turns out!

Finding adorable buttons at our local yarn store makes for even more excitement!


  1. The dust mop is also on my to do list. Glad to hear it is fairly simple. And my two year old also refuses clothes most of the time ("no, nakey") and in this summer heat, who can blame her! Can't wait to hear more about the sweater!

  2. I mostly stopped dressing my two year old unless we're going out somewhere! The clothes will just end up on the floor somewhere anyway! Curious, how do you encourage W. to help around the house. I work in front of mine but he is too busy with his trains, trucks, and blocks to notice. Although he does seem to notice when the fridge is opened and worms his way into the cool air to pick out a snack!

  3. A few things... totally siff, sniff about the loss of Mothering. What a wonderful resource it was, though, you are right about Living Crafts. Love that one, too.
    Also, I love how your little dust mop turned out! I have been wanting to make one since I picked up that issue. I'm so glad you've reminded me about it.
    And lastly, those buttons are perfect! Do you happen to have a brand or resource (online) for them?

  4. I also am so sad about Mothering. I have been a fan for many years. Love the dustmop.

  5. Such a great project! I love when the kids can get excited about helping around the house.
    And, those buttons are adorable!

  6. It is wonderful to see how our children develop their own interest around the enviroment we prepare with such a deep love.
    He is growing so fast!! Love the curly hair.

  7. I love the mop. I can see the fun in littlies using it. I borrowed a friend's living crafts magazine a while ago and fell in love with lots of the projects from it. It was the one that had the gnome hat in it (I believe it was a couple of years old). The magazine isn't readily available in Australia and if it is, it's quite pricey, cue sad face from me. Those buttons are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the cardigan finished. Jacinta

  8. What a great idea!
    Our little girlies love to help out around the house too:)
    Those buttons are so sweet!

  9. oh oh oh those buttons! I can't wait to see the sweater. There is something so special about clothing your children with something you have knitted yourself. I love it, it's like being able to cuddle them all the time, every stitch is a kiss and a cuddle from mama firmly buttoned around their sweet little bodies :-)

  10. What a great idea for a dust mop! I have been using old cloth diapers, but I want what you made!xx

  11. Every inch of this post is full of cuteness. I'm not brave enough to try making a mop like that, but yours is quite lovely. How adorable to have such a sweet and hard working helper. These photos are priceless (P.S. loving those sheep buttons and can’t wait to see the sweater). Take care.

  12. Very clever ideas! I love the dust mop. :-)

  13. How clever!

    Good luck on the sweater. Just take it one stitch at a time.

  14. Love the mop, love the buttons, love your ideas!
    ~ joey ~

  15. Oh, I also loved the dust mop from the last issue - you did a terrific job!
    Love your sheep buttons.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  16. Aw, that dust mop is so sweet. I know a little guy here who'd love to help clean up with one of those.
    And the buttons are fabulous, such a great incentive to finish the sweater. :) Happy Knitting!

  17. I too love that magazine and am also sniffling at the loss of Mothering. Living Crafts is just so beautifully out together and there is nothing else like it out there. Your mop is so beautiful.

  18. Thanks for another great post. Just had to add that I'm really sad about the loss of Mothering magazine, too!

  19. Rebecca, this is wonderful!!!
    That little fella is darn cute.

  20. I love that mop! I want one for me! Did you make the handle and thing the knitting attaches t? (Forgive me I do not know what that is called). I need to subscribe to Living Crafts I always love the projects I see from there.

  21. The mop is awesome. And, I just found monarch butterfly buttons at my local yarn shop that are p-e-r-f-e-c-t for my eldest's sweater I'm finishing up - so, I get the excitement over buttons. Lovely post.

  22. I LOVE the buttons! I also agree purposeful work. It's so important. I don't have the kids mops and brooms though. That'll be my next thing to find. Because both my boys love to sweep. Although with the big broom it's dangerous for themselves, others and our breakables, lol.

  23. I love those buttons and the knitted cover. What a big kid to be helping out!


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