Friday, July 8, 2011

Plans and Preparations...

This weekend  marks the beginning of the one week countdown to my Waldorf early childhood introduction class at Sunbridge College. I still can't believe it. I'm thrilled beyond belief that I get to spend a week retreating to this beautiful town; the home of the Threefold Educational Center which I am so excited to tour. To make good news even more great, the family who is hosting us has asked us to care for their pets while they are out of town, rather than us paying them (a mere) $60.00 per night. They live less than a mile from Sunbridge, allowing me to easily visit W and my father during my many breaks during the day.
...I'm still nervous about naps and mealtimes, though...I've got to have faith that W's rhythm is ingrained in him enough to cue for these important parts of the day which he relies on me so heavily for. I'll be bringing along many of our usual things to guide and comfort him.
I'm excited to return to playschool with a mind full of ideas and inspiration for our days together...

Photos from our week...

...Making one of my favorite childhood treats;
"Bubble Bread"
(bread dough balls dipped in melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar..)

Finger lickin' good, I take it!

A Get Well card made for me by 2 of the children..
I've been suffering through a wicked sinus infection all week:(
Being sick during the Summer is...weird.

Preparing to dye silks with red beets.
I'm delving into some plant dyeing this next coming month; hoping to sell some plant dyed silks through this blog. I'm in love with the subtle and calming coloring plant dyes yield. I'm planning on replacing all of our playschool silks with larger and exclusively plant dyed silks. Details to follow soon!!!

My first beet dyed silk, after sitting in the dye pot all day long...I love the soft peachy pink!!

Poor W is overstimulated after a long week of out of town visitors and many activities. All he wants is to be held and nursed. Of course, this is shown by throwing everything, crying, screaming, and pulling the hair of playschool children. We need a quiet weekend!

All playground equipment at the park has been bypassed the last few weeks:)

Let the countdown begin!!
I've been waiting so long!


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it!


  2. I'll keep you and W. in my prayers that all goes smoothly for both of you at Sunbridge. Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. I am so looking forward to hearing about your experiences! I'm sure it will be wonderful.

  4. I am so excited for you Rebecca and can't wait to hear all about it! I will also keep W in my thoughts and hoping the transition is not too tough on him. Thankfully, he will be near and with your father (at least a familiar face will be comforting). Also sending you healing wishes! Being sick in summer is no fun at all!

  5. ..oops lost my comment somehow?!
    I just wanted to say how happy I am for you and hope you come back with lots of new ideas for your playschool....and us?!! ;o)
    I think little W must feel your energy as you prepare for your upcoming week. Lots of cuddles, comfort and quiet will help you both through this change of routine!
    ~ joey ~

  6. Looks like you guys are having so much fun. I wish I could come over on playschool days! : ) Hope you feel better soon.


  7. Looks like a fantastic time you had. I especially love the pictures of the kids climbing that big tree. Makes me want to join them :)

  8. Looks like fun, I love that tree, and the Bubble bread sounds yummy and fun to make. Visiting from Friday's Nature Table Link Up. ~April

  9. congrats sweetie, i am taking my foundations course right now... remarkable... you are going to have such an amazing time... enjoy -- i will be holding positive thoughts for you ....
    light and peace to you

  10. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way! It will be great, and like the others said, I look forward to hearing all about it!

  11. What an exciting experience! I spent the last 2 summers taking a week-long class at the Steiner Institute which were 2 of the best weeks of personal growth and rejuvenation that I can remember. I hope your time at Sunbridge is just as amazing. :)

  12. Just gorgeous, as always. I am so inspired by your beet-dyed silk!

  13. Your goal is just ahead! Congrats on making it come true. By the way, gorgeous climbing tree! Could it be more perfect???

  14. I'm so delighted that your time at Sunbridge is drawing near. Wishing you wonder and amazement and joy as you pursue your dreams, and wishing peace and comfort for little W during your time at Sunbridge.

  15. Recipe please :)

  16. I'm so excited to hear that the time for your formal training is nearly here. (You've been doing A LOT of experienced-based training so far!)

    Wishing your whole family a peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenating weekend......


  17. How fun! I'm hoping to go next year.:o)

  18. Dear Rebecca, I'm thinking of you and sending love and peace your way as you begin your journey! <3

  19. I'm so excited for you. I know the teacher in you has been dying for more training in the waldorf education that you love so. I'm loving your playschool Rebecca! You definitely have a gift with little ones and know that any school would be blessed to have you as a teacher. The beet playsilk turned out perfect!

  20. Oh Good Luck to you! This all sounds so exciting. Bubble bread sounds yummy and I love the photos of the children up in the tree. Take care.


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