Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I have been wanting to create a marionette for some time now....but I had not the tools or knowledge.
I looked for a tutorial or book to no avail.
Finally, this past weekend, I decided to just give it a go and rely on nothing but my own eye to guide me through impressions of marionettes I have seen, experienced, etc.
This morning, I completed "Urashima" (named for our story this month). I am sure that I made many technical mistakes (I'm a novice sewer), but I am very happy with the outcome...
And so is W, which is what matters most to me.
I believe that Urashima will be much loved by the playgarden children as he tells his tale of the deep magical ocean:)

W is starting to really "connect" with his dolls. After he awakens from bed and naptime, I tuck his "babies" back into bed. he's been watching me do this for months now, and he is starting to imitate this in his own way. This is a great life lesson for him, I believe, as he watches me handle a loved object with care, quiet, and reverence. He still throws them on the floor (for my reaction of picking them up and starting over, I think), but he's learning in his way.

We had our first week together again at Playgarden since my school trip, and it's fantastic to be back in so many ways. I am already looking ahead to the Fall and all of the changes it will bring to our program with great anticipation. I'll also be "receiving" my mentor teacher from school; an experienced Waldorf teacher who will observe and support me throughout this journey.

My main goal for playgarden this season and beyond is to slow down in every way...
I've been feeling more "slow paced" throughout the day since returning from school and I can see a marked difference in the play of the children. Dishes might be piling up until after lunchtime, but if I am forgoing "cleaning as I go" for quietly and slowly folding dishtowels in the presence of the children, then that is something very valuable and telling. If I am not burdened by the nagging goal of being outside by 10:15 and instead arriving there very soon after when we are all truly ready and not rushed...

Although it is highly necessary that each person should be fully awake in later life, the child must be allowed to remain as long as possible in the peaceful, dreamlike condition of pictorial imagination in which his early years of life are passed.  For if we allow his organism to grow strong in this nonintellectual way, he will rightly develop in later life the intellectuality needed in the world today.
        —Rudolf Steiner, A Modern Art of Education


  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your pictures are wonderful and I love the above photo of "baby wearing." Adorable!! I read a few of your recent entries and I have to say the photo looking down the stairs at your retreat (I believe that's what it was) is so beautiful!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you're keeping cool!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  2. Lovely post. I always feel a little nourished after reading your posts and looking at your pictures. It makes me daydream of a day when I could have a "play garden" too. :)

  3. A beautiful post, thank you for sharing. I have been chasing that natural "honey drizzling off a spoon" sort of organic rhythm in my day since we moved (away from the Steiner/Waldorf school my daughter was attending). I'm sure it can exist, even all the way out here!!

  4. That first picture of W with his new marionette says so much. Beautiful post. Take care.

  5. Love, LOVE the photo of your kitchen sink with the bowl of bowls and the striped cloth. It really is wonderful. :)

  6. There is a book you should look for that I have fallen in love with called "Creative Play for your toddler" (Steiner Waldorf expertise and toy projects for 2-4s) written by Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol. It is endorsed by the Alliance for Childhood! This book has many very simple toys to make along with very detailed instructions. You simply must look for this book. There are instructions for marionette making, floor puppets, moving pictures, etc... Your marionette looks very close to the ones in the book though. I say you did a rather nice job!

  7. P.S. I've nominated you for a blog award but if you aren't into blog awards that's okay, I just wanted to let you know I find great inspiration from your blog. :)

  8. This post is wonderful. Everything looks so peaceful, and I love the idea to show the baby how to tuck the dolls in and grow attached to them. I nurse with my daughter's love object laying on me so that she can play with it and become attached.


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