Tuesday, May 1, 2012


.....Thanks so much for your support regarding my last post! Your kind words mean so much to me and have helped me along the past few days of, shall we say, "recovery" because that is what it surely feels like. I'm not being dramatic here, but it really does feel like I'm getting over some kind of tiring illness or injury. Children are so much more resilient than us, however. W is back to his "usual self", although I tend to wonder if it was him....or myself and my reactions. (yes, I am thinking the latter..)
Something had me just so off last week. There have been some changes here; an adjusting new child in playgarden (I'm "switching" the title of the program. I don't think "school" has a true place in the description of the program.), visitors to our home, the transition from diapers to toilet (which is complete, save for nap and bedtime! No struggle, either, which I wasn't fully expecting..), among other things. 
I've also noticed that if I'm among a group of parents who share different views on play, expectations, etc., that can sort of effect me, as well.

This new week, though, has been peaceful and very, very happy.
The photos in this post are from W's parent-child class at River Valley Waldorf School.
Being in this setting and among the friends we have found in this class make me feel at ease and very, very thankful.
It's also been such a fantastic opportunity for W. He loves his teacher to the point of following her around and seeking out her attention. He left the room today to fetch bread from the oven with her, and that was a pretty big step for him, I think. I spend most of the class knitting and observing, not really stepping in when there's any kind of issue. He's learning to listen to his teacher. He's experiencing what it's like to be part of a group where his mother is not the leader!

....And it is so, so sweet to watch.

We are so very lucky to have Miss Amanda as our teacher. Somehow, someway, we have found a place in this community and I'm thinking this is just the beginning:)


  1. So glad to hear you are over your 'testing' week - yes it is very very hard to see the wood for the trees when we are in the thick of things, but it will make you a stronger person for it.

    I loved the video 0 - 12 years on your last post, it certainly made me think, I wish I had done something like that - would love to hear what the little girl talks about! I think I will post the video on my blog too, if you do not mind.......

    best wishes,

  2. Such beautiful pictures. They convey such warmth and community. What a wonderful environment for children, and Mamas alike :)

  3. What a lovely post! These periods where things are just off somehow with us and our children happen from time to time and they can really take us off guard!

    Would you be willing to talk more about W's transition to using the toilet? We have been struggling with this for so long and I'm always wanting to hear how other Waldorf families deal with it.

    Also really nice to hear/see about your Parent-Child class experiences. It's amazing how these children start to bond with their teachers so much!

    We've done similar programs at two schools now over a two year period and it's just been magical (especially this year). I totally agree with you on hanging back at the class and letting the child learn to listen to the teacher rather than the parent. It's been really amazing to see how my W has transitioned this year from wanting to stay near me, to a point where he tells me he wants to go to school without me. I know he's so ready to go on his own next year....but I'm really going to miss being able to be in the class too! That change is going to be so much harder on me than on him!

    I think you are right that finding a place in your school community now is just the beginning. I also think that it's so important for our children and for us as parents to have that community where we are supported in our parenting and the values that we hold for our children. That has at least been our experience this year as we have become more involved at our school.

    Any word yet on the teaching position for you?

    Love and blessings to you dear friend!

  4. It's nice to see glimpses inside another parent child group. We have just started attending our local one. Even in just these few pictures I can see similarities, the boat is a big hit for the children at our program as well, and hand washing time is done in the same manner. Does your group have outside time (the picture of W in the swing) that is one thing I was surprised by, is that there has been no time spent outside yet (we are only 3 weeks into our 1 day a week program).

  5. I love this post. (And I love W's owl shirt!) We all have off weeks, and I love how you reflect upon them as a way to learn and grow. Blessings to you.

  6. R~
    We had a similar time when Emma and I joined Parent Child last year, it was soooo nice for her to have another teacher (or "ego") as you put it.
    Many well wishes and a big hug!


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