Saturday, May 5, 2012

I see you.

...The Merry Month of May!
I am sure many of you are enjoying the first few days of the month celebrating May Day with much dancing, singing, and happiness! 
We're right there, too, as we traveled to Kimberton Waldorf School to take part in their May Day celebration. 
We had a wonderful time last year and decided to make the somewhat lengthy trip again.

These big events can sometimes be a bit of an overload for young children as there is just so much going on, so many people, so many activities, so many things to experience. Events held outside in a larger open area can help with this, I have found. 
The day was filled with beauty and wonder, as anyone familiar with Kimberton would expect...
A puppet show...

Ok, no detailed photos of the show itself. But here is W sitting a good 10 feet away from me. Space was limited and I didn't want to squeeze in. I stood back with a friend and watched him react, look around, become distracted by noises and other children, and periodically check to see if I was still behind him. More and more, he's becoming more comfortable away from me. I'm glad to be making these very small steps towards independence.

Water and rocks always lure him in...
It was nice to have opportunities for quiet.

He is such an intense observer. He laid in the grass for 15 minutes watching the Maypole before standing up to join in when asked. Just taking it all in. I'm glad to be a quiet observer with him, not making any running commentary or asking questions...I'm hoping to let him experience on his own.
He's been wild over the child swing at the park lately. I began to wonder why he traded in his usual running and playing for sitting in the swing. I tend to think that it is becoming his spot to observe everything around him....{also, an interesting article on the benefits of swinging here}

The kindergarten outdoor space is really something to see. 

I spotted W crawling through some kind of thicket and rustling about for a good while, almost totally hidden by big leaves. He had a bit of trouble getting out, but he finally emerged and was very happy. 

Oh, blah, blah, right? It is probably kind of banal reading about these seemingly unexciting observations...but to me, his mother, I'm totally intrigued and drawn in. I love sitting somewhat removed and just watching. It's incredible.

Speaking of incredible, here are some very random shots of a few classrooms at Kimberton..

The Library, I believe. Awesome.


Kimberton is a magical place. I've been lucky enough to observe in a few of the classrooms and participate in some of the public events. The setting is totally idyllic and there's just an air of something everywhere.
Who knows?
Perhaps one day I'll hold a job there, or at least have the chance to interview.
I haven't heard anything back in regards to the nursery position I applied for. I am sure everything takes time and I'm not too jumpy about it. My mindset is either way, life will be good. If I do not obtain the position, I'll continue Playgarden three days per week here in our home. After all, home really is such a wonderful place to be and I love my work here. I'll continue my work of learning more about Lifeways programs and how to create a home away from home, all while beginning my Early Childhood training in June (1 month away!!!) However, to be a nursery teacher at our beautiful local school which I have come to love so much? Well, that would be pretty amazing to say the least:)


  1. Looks like a fun day. That outdoor space is incredible!

  2. I too get mesmerized quietly observing my two little ones (well...sort of little :-p ...3 and 5). Thank you for sharing your observations!

  3. Love seeing your photos! We too spent the day celebrating Mayfest! Pure magic, no?!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Sounds like a wonderful experience...and some of the best mothering moments can be when we aren't actively mothering at all, but seeing the impact of our everyday parenting when they are "on their own" for a bit.

    Bravo to you Mama!


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