Thursday, May 17, 2012

A good day.

It's been awhile since I have posted some snapshots from a playgarden day..
Since finding out about the nursery job, I am in the mindset of breezing through the Summer and enjoying every single moment in all of its beauty. I had been thinking of the prospect of preparing for a school year, transitioning W (including fully weaning him by his 3rd birthday in August. It would have been hard. I think he picked up on this and he's been asking for it more frequently in the past 2 weeks or so. It is not the time yet.), among other things. It feels great to know that we have the Summer and another full year to be at home, wake up late, and not be in the car!
Speaking of beautiful moments...

These children are amazing and I love them as if they were my own. 
They continue to teach me so much about what it is to be a human being, in all of its beauty and flaws.

I purchased a new enamel wash basin and it is...well, pretty fantastic!
It is a deep bowl, perfect for handwashing and washing dishes outside.

Best of all, perhaps, they are on sale at Nova Naturals for $22.00!!

If all of this seems just too idyllic for you, here is a shot of some "unwashed" reality in my home:)

Isn't it great?
W is in love with construction vehicles...and while they aren't so "pleasing to my eye," I see that they are a part of the world he knows. He sees them outside in our neighborhood, while we are traveling in the car, he hears them roll down the street and frantically runs to the window to catch a glimpse. The cars and trucks only come out when the playgarden children aren't here...No, not because they aren't "waldorf toys"....but because I feel that W needs a few playthings that are truly his own. He shares everything, all day long, and usually does very well with this complicated concept (to a 2-year old). But these playthings are truly his favorite. He'll play with them for 30 minutes at a time on his own. They come down to the park with us for some quality digging time. We don't have a huge amount of them, about 15 or so, which is just right for us.


  1. Such lovely photos. I'm finding as my son grows older we've included some not as pleasing to the eye as all natural material toys as well. Thankfully they are still fairly open ended and seem to have longevity as far as creativity and play go.

  2. oh i love that wash basin! we have a stainless steel one and it just isn't as warm...

  3. I cared for children in our home when my daughter was 1-2 and during that time we learned the value of keeping "special toys". It is simply not fair to expect a child to share everything all the time. Good job mamma! Thank you for the lovely images.


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