Monday, April 2, 2012

The New Street Folk Shoppe..and...

...Isn't it fantastic when you find another locally owned business to love?
Our town of Bethlehem, PA is full of gems and I've found yet another.
Welcome to The New Street Folk Shoppe, a terrifically tiny shop with  a lot of goodness.

The shop is less than a block from our church and I found it a few weeks ago while waking through town with W. I walked in, took a look around, and thought, "oh boy..."

The shop is stuffed with used books from all genres. The owner, Steve, is also a fine woodworker and painter...he sells his designs and creates custom orders, as well. He is a man with a sense of humor, for sure. When you walk into the store, you know you're going to have a entertaining, sometimes hilarious conversation.

As I looked around, I thought of the upcoming stories I'll be telling with the children. I asked him to create some Spring robins for me, on a whim, and also a bunny family. "Sure", he said. "I'll give you a call when they're done." 

The greatest thing is, Steve doesn't even have a store phone. He has no website. No facebook page. No advertising. He used to be a computer engineer, but he eschews technology when it comes to his shop. This really adds to the charm of the store, I think. I loved looking at his paints, brushes, and pad of receipt paper strewn about the tiny front counter. 
 This is somebody's shop.

Here is the bunny family custom made by Steve for this month's story...
Complete with Mr. Sly Fox.
Would you believe I spent under $25 for all 6 pieces??

Steve is willing to do mail orders if you're interested and have ideas. 
Allow ample time for creation and shipping:)
If you're local, be sure to stop in.

Ok. I have some exciting news!
The Waldorf EC teacher who has been helping me along for nearly 2 years now is moving out of the area. I will miss her so very much and I'll always be grateful for our conversations. Imagine my bittersweet excitement when she made me aware that her position will be open this coming September! By this time, I'll have completed my first 3 weeks of training, but she seemed to think that I should apply. I spent the next 2 nights gathering resumes, references, and a biographical sketch. I mailed it 2 days later and tried to forget about it; trying to acquire the mindset "What's done is done!" My mind was wandering like crazy..."what if.....??!!" If I would be so lucky, this would mean that I'd be a lead teacher with my own classroom; the *first* beautiful classroom I ever observed in, the first waldorf classroom I walked into. The space and teacher who inspired me to learn more in the beginning of my journey...
It would also mean that W would be a nursery child in the other nursery room. I wonder how he will fare...what will this change will effect our family culture. I see how he loves our parent-child class, and I begin to believe that it could be the start of something wonderful for him...
I'll be going in for observations and some sample teaching within the next 2 weeks (a circle, story, and breadbaking with the children)...I'm so, so, so, SO excited and ready to start thinking about the story and circle I'll be offering....
It feels weird writing about this--and I am totally ready for a dissapointment as I am sure there are many applicants who are more qualified than myself. Yet, I do feel that this is a career progression for me and that I am meant to do this. I have confidence and I am passionate. I'm ready and so willing to learn more and I have a lot to offer.
We'll see!!


  1. Thats definitely something exciting! I wish you good luck and I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Love the shop! Love your news! So exciting.

  3. Congratulations Rebecca! I know you will do wonderful and you deserve this just as much as the next person! I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and manifestation, so just keep picturing yourself as Lead Teacher! <3 So exciting!

  4. That wonderful shop!
    Love your news!

  5. So that is where the robins came from!!! How exciting about even the possibility of a lead teacher job!

    And lastly, LAST YEAR (how on earth has it been a year) I had a week of giveaways to celebrate my daughter's birthday.. and I am doing it again. Starting today!

  6. Fantastic news! Fingers crossed for you :-)

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  8. Fantastic! I will also keep my fingers crossed in Holland! We call it: ik zal voor je duimen! Love, Barbara

  9. The teacher knows you well enough, has confidence in you! Otherwise she would not have told you to apply. So you have a fair chance to get the job, I think. And you are so driven...I would not understand if you didn't get the job...
    Greetings from Severine

  10. What an exciting opportunity! Good luck! And I love your new little wooden creations. Looks like such a cool shop!


  11. Fingers crossed and prayers coming your way! You would be a wonderful asset to that school, you are a natural teacher. I have been teaching kindergarten for 25 years and I know a good teacher when I see one. Best of luck!!

  12. Ramona

    I have passed this shop many times but have not gone in until a few months ago and, again, on Saturday. This time I took my daughter along since she has a 13 month old. She was amazed at the neat books he has. We definitely bought a bag of neat books! After putting money in the meter in the front of his shop, we over extended our stay downtown and I had a feeling I might have a ticket. I was thinking of calling the shop to ask if he could put in some coins and I would pay him for that but was surprised to find out he left a note on my car saying my meter ran out, this half hour has been added ... free!!! What a nice, considerate person Steve is. We definitely will be returning for more books!

  13. Sadly, Steve's landlord decided this space was needed for something else in January 2014 - as of late October, the need still seems to be "vacant."


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