Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early Spring Nature Table

 In Spring, In Spring,
The robins do sing...
The breezes are blowing,
the flowers are growing...

Keeping a nature table is one of my most favorite bits of homemaking and preparing our space for young children...
I believe that nature table suits our group best when the items are handmade or found in nature. 

The Lenten Garden...

The pinecone garland was decorated for Spring..
I hung this garland in the fall....added evergreen sprigs for Christmas...and figured I would take it down after Epiphany. That never happened. I either forgot or subconsciously made a choice to keep it up. I bought some artificial forsythia branches at a local craft store and placed them in between the pine cones. On a whim, I purchased some baby's breath and tucked it in between everything else. I added some pussy willows, as well, because I just love them:)
I hit my head on it daily and my hair gets stuck in it all the time. Guests to our home almost always become tangled in it, as well. 
It's part of our home, and I think it will just continue to change with the seasons until  I am no longer inspired to do so.

I found these little glass eggs for .70 at a local craft store and figured I'd find something to do with it. I am loving glass terrariums lately, so it became a mossy home to a butterfly...

...I'm thinking ahead to Easter and all of the anticipation it brings.
Our Playgarden egg hunt is on Good Friday and this house is about to become packed with over 100 eggs to decorate.
This Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week which is filled with beautiful services and much time for reflection...
Best wishes for a wonderful week!

 Links to our Spring Nature Table last year here and here.


  1. Beautiful! Where oh where did you get the Robins?

    I have been doing a Wonderfull (Full of Wonder) Wednesday blog post for a while and would love to have others join up. Maybe you would consider it in the future?

  2. And pinecones can be found in the woods all year round anyway, right?! Just the surrounding changes, so your garland is just perfect and physicaly drawing everyones attention to the nature table, just as it should be ;-)

  3. I love all of your natural decor. Especially the beautiful garland and your lovely wooden eggs. I especially favor the red one. Beautiful colors.


  4. What fun items on you nature table. I love the terrarium jars with moss and mushrooms, that sounds like a fun thing to make for a decoration. :)

  5. So inspiring! Your wooden eggs are lovely :-)

  6. So so pretty Rebecca. I sometimes have a hard time letting go of a seasonal decoration too, and also sometimes let it linger. I love all your spring goodness, it's so nice how these special areas become such a part of our homes.
    Wishing you a beautiful season ahead and sending lots of love! Renee XO

  7. Dear Rebecca, I know I've said it to you more than once before, but your nature scenes are just as they should be, in my opinion! So beautiful, thought out, gathered, made by yourselves.
    We have difficulty with a nature table as our kitty loves to eat branches or plants, and knock over things. We end up having smallish scenes kind of all over the place! My two middle boys will be getting a bedroom revamp (they share) soon, and we plan to do some wall shelves for nature scenes for them.

  8. Such a sweet nature table. And your garland is lovely! we decided to leave our fake Christmas tree up this year and redecorate it throughout the year. It brightens our house at night and is a wonderful family activity each month. I can't wait to see your Easter pictures :)



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