Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sugar free baking: honey cornbread

I arrived at sugar free baking for children about 9 months ago....
It wasn't, and sometimes still isn't always easy, but I feel that I'm reaping the benefits.
W is basically sugar free, and that includes organic and cane sugars, 99% of the time. We use maple syrup and honey to sweeten and bake, and so far the results are great. 
At the age of 30 months, I just don't see how I can clean his teeth well enough for him to be consuming sugar. There's that coupled with my opinion that children don't need and shouldn't have much sugar that has led us to where we are today.

Wednesdays are cornbread day here at playschool...

W and I prepare the cornbread before the children arrive in the morning so it is baking in the oven by 8:30. I have to add that baking is now W's most favorite purposeful work. He loves it! I know I can offer it whenever he's feeling cranky and it will cheer him up right away. 

learning to crack eggs with his Granny Smith

Enjoy our recipe for honey cornbread and don't expect there to be any leftovers!

I found this recipe online and altered a few things to suit us best.
The rest of the instructions are easy, just combine ingredients and pour into a greased 8x8 glass pan. Bake in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.
W and the children love to "paint the pan" with oil and a paintbrush which has been reserved for food use only.
I currently use Smart Balance oil because I go through so much of it during weekly baking. If I had a larger budget, I'd like to use Sunflower oil.
We cut the bread into squares and spread sugar free fruit preserves on each half. (My favorite is Crofter's Red Raspberry....YUM.)

Cornbread day is a challenge when it comes to guiding the children to eat slowly and take small bites.
{I should follow my own advice.}


  1. ooh, loving this recipe, we will have to try it at playschool next week! we sweetened our birthday cake with maple syrup and it is oh so good!

  2. We do much of our baking without processed sugar. the only problem lately is the extremely high price of maple syrup! We do use molasses sometimes too.

  3. oh we too have some lovely sugar free recipes that my boys enjoy. one of them is a flapjack that we use honey in, but mainly it is the fruit in it that is 'sweetening it!

    Thanks for sharing.i have never had Corn bread before! xx

  4. Look so yummy!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Little W is getting cuter an cuter : )

  5. Lovely to see the W's apron in action. I drastically reduce the amount of sugar in many recipes. . . still have to shift to the honey option.

  6. Wow, I'm so impressed that you are ready for your day and the children by 8:30--able to bake with W! Maybe sometime you'll tell us about your morning routine that allows you to be up and dressed and fed and have the house ready for the children, and get the baking in.

  7. My husband was just talking about cornbread. I've never had it. We'll have to use a gluten free flour and a dairy free milk (my how our baking has been forced to change over the years!?) but I'm eager to give it a go!
    ~ joey ~

  8. Looks delicious - feel free to share

  9. Does that read "7-1/4 cups of sugar"??? I see it says "omit" but what is the next word?
    Thanks, I'd love to try it but not until I get a clear recipe (LOL)...


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