Thursday, February 16, 2012

Go, Mill, Go!

We are officially the proud owners and operators of a hand grain mill which has been such great fun all day long! Bread day will never be the same:)
The mill I coveted was over $400 and was out of the question. I did  manage to find one on which received mostly great reviews for under $60. (here it is if you're interested!) This model is compact and works very well. It grinds fine flour suitable for bread but also coarse meal for porridge and muesli.

Most importantly, the children love it. And I love that it is purposeful work at its best; showing us where flour comes from and how we can use the fruits of our labor together to create something delicious.

....If only I could describe the conversation and instructions going on here...

Ground flour can also make a pretty decent "mess" on the floor (think: the flour bowl, nearly full, dropping on the floor. Twice. The little hands are so excited to touch and feel.)
It's an opportunity to take care of our space.

...The week has not gotten any easier with W, though. The poor boy is not himself. I do believe that lack of sleep, too many visitors to our home, and me being busy with my church job is adding to it. I've been trying to implement a warm bath together directly after the last child leaves playschool. I think that relaxing in the tub and "washing the day away"  may help...
I am considering taking him to the physician's tomorrow as it's been a week with multiple symptoms.
The poor boy is miserable. I wish I knew how to help him, but I simply can't hold him all day long and nurse at his every wish. I wouldn't be able to get out of the rocking chair if I did!

Today was an interesting day. My wonderful assistant, Monica, had a home day as her daughter was feeling ill. Surprisingly enough, the day went smoothly and very quietly. I am really, really seeing how the lack of adult interaction and conversation changes our environment. Adult conversation really does take something away from the feeling of the space. It's hard not to talk with one of your closest friends, but it does serve to keep you more connected and present with the children, which is invaluable. Even if they don't understand your conversation or words, they surely do pick up on the emotion involved.
One more thing to strive for!

In other news, I have started crafting my own hair accessories (I know this is random, but I'm excited!)
I'm in love with hair sticks as they are versatile and very hair friendly (in that they won't pull or tangle!)

They're fairly simple to make and a lot of fun!
I don't have any experience working with beads, but this could be something I may really begin to enjoy...

Another single stick I created. This hairstyle is called the "Chinese Bun" and is very, very simple. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm a little jealous of your mill. It's next on my wish list of purchases. A friend of mind has a whisper mill, but there's something about a hand mill that makes me happy.

  2. My daughter is about the same age as little W and we are going through the same thing. I feel like I am walking on egg shells, making sure that she doesn't spiral into a tantrum. We have started doing a few things differently and are now in the waiting period to see if they are going to work. If they do I will let you know. Until then, I will keep W in my prayers.

  3. I am so grateful to hear this! the mill I want is $300. And while I wait to afford it I've been using various other grinders none that get a very fine grain. I cant wait to check this out!

  4. Oh, lovely, lovely!
    Poor sweet beautiful boy. I understand having these weeks with little ones, they have these ups and downs as they grow, change, develop! And if they are under the weather, they just cannot express it easily can they? Oh I wish they could.
    My own will at times have a week or two where they are just not happy- fussy, sleepless, angry, even. Often there is a marked milestone which appears afterward. My littlest son is 19 months and was just plain awful (to put it mildly) for about two solid weeks. Oh screaming. Hitting. It was hard to bear. Now, he puts two words together and his play has changed considerably, more purposeful. He is lighter now too, thankfully!
    Even my girl, at the brink of 11 has times like this.
    I wish for you peace, and for sweet W. to settle soon!

  5. Rebecca...I hear you about your struggles to understand poor little W. right now. I think it is wise to see that W. may be feeling that sharing you so much is challenging. Having said that, I also think what you are doing is so wonderful and beautiful ~ lucky little ones, indeed. I felt like I wanted to write today, because I remember over a year ago, you saw a hairstick my husband had made for me and emailed me offering to do an exchange. I'm ashamed to say I never got around to responding. But yours are sooooo beautiful! One trick we've learned, is to put a little bend in the stick so it stays secure, and doesn't slip out. Maybe yours don't. I have really long hair and find it a problem to use just smooth, straight sticks. Oh, heck, you probably have got your own thing going and don't need my unsolicited advice. Sorry. They are very beautiful!
    xo Jules

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog, and have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. You can stop on by my blog to check it out. :)

  7. oh I love your hairsticks and I would love to learn to tie my hair like that! So simple and so beautiful x x

  8. Can you give us a tutorial on how to use your beautiful sticks? I'm in need of a new doo! Trade ya a mushroom zip bag for one?! ;o)
    I think I may have asked this before but have you tried the food sensitivity testing (Vega testing)? The symptoms sound like he's reacting to something that he's eating and even most adults can't begin to explain what they feel. Wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy are all common culprits. I know from my own and friend's experiences, once the foods are eliminated you have a total different person.
    Best of luck,
    ~ joey ~

  9. Good Morning.. So glad I finally checked out your blog.. It is lovely.. Just the type I love to read.. Thank you so much for the info on the mill.. And I will be praying that all is well with your little one..
    I so love your hair stick and would love to buy or trade for one and as I have long hair I, too would love a tutorial...
    Please let me know...

  10. Dear Rebecca, as a waldorf-teacher to be without any own children I can't even come close to express how much value it means to me to read about your observations and experiences within your circle of kids.

    Poor W and strong, patient you - I send you both all the best wishes and prayers.

    The hairsticks you made are beautiful - this ist an inspiration I have to try - having a couple of nut-twigs left form improvising on Knitting needles and crochet hooks (it works! even so I wasn't to shure beforehand ;) )

    Kindest regards, Doro


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