Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Story and a weekend away..

Our stories these past weeks have been revolving around the Winter season, courage, and steadfastness....with an age group ranging from 2.5-6.5, it's a challenge to keep all of them inwardly involved.
The youngest are best engaged with a story about familiar environments and situations...
The older children need more of a story; good triumphing evil at the conclusion...
Our Eastern Pennsylvania finally saw some snow this past week, so I created a story revolving around weather...
Enjoy our very first video capture of our "slowly the snow comes floating down" story!
As you can see, this was simple...we used pieces of white wool roving to create the slowly falling snow.
*We originally attempted to record the story as it was told to the children during our storytime. Well, that didn't quite work out and it's most likely for the best. (It would have been difficult to hear over the sound of a crying 29 month old, among other usual background noises!)
I'm sorry if the sound is too soft; it was nap time when I taped this:) I'm also a bit stuffy and hoarse from fighting the cold which has been circulating here, so excuse my voice:)

Slowly the snow comes floating down
Over the rooftops in the town
Down through the night without a sound
Turning and whirling to the ground
Gray comes the daylight dawning clear
Clouds all are gone, the sun is here
Oh, what a lovely morning blue
Shines on a world made white and new
Homer H. Harbour/Lorraine Nelson Wolf

The week is over and I am now off to a weekend of Eurythmy!
I'll be attending a weekend public intensive course in New York on all different kinds of Eurythmy, including therapeutic and tone Eurythmy. 
It will be a total of 12 hours in the car by myself this weekend as I am not ready to take an overnight trip away from my family. I'm seeing the travel time as a way to digest all of the material I'll be exposed to this weekend:)
Stay tuned for photos!


  1. Your video is just beautiful! I was absorbed in the story as I imagine your little ones are.

  2. So delightful and absorbing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thank you for sharing your heart through this story.
    i am very interested in waldorf inspired stories / plays / puppetry specifically right now in our journey as waldorf inspired homeschoolers.
    i look forward to re-creating your story for my own children as well as feeling inspired to create more of our own stories.
    i am familiar with suzanne downs beautiful work, are there any sources of inspiration for your storytelling or advice / links etc. you would recommend? thank you again for sharing this, i hope you will continue!

    1. Thank you for sharing with us this your voice and this wonderful story.
      So precious!

  4. Thank you for sharing such a simple, beautiful story.

  5. That was wonderful Rebecca, and so nice to hear your voice!
    I hope you enjoy your exciting weekend!
    Thinking of you and sending love...
    Renee <3

  6. Wow, what a sweet soothing gentle and heartfelt story! Such a lovely timely offering for the children. So simple and yet so beautifully elaborated and told by your genuinely reverent voice. Thanks for sharing this video! This is exactly the type of thing that awes me about Waldorf teachers. These children are blessed.

  7. Such an enchanting way to tell a story. Thank you for this video. I think I'll give this a try with my girls :)

  8. It was very special to see you telling a story. So simple but so beautiful!
    Thanks! Greetings from Severine

  9. that was beautiful and so calming-thank you
    greetings from a chilly (but no snow)part of the UK!


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