Monday, January 23, 2012

Natural Skin Care

I'll never forget the day I started to feel conscious of my skin and overall appearance..
It was the day I picked up a copy of Seventeen magazine...articles about skin and hair care regimens, accessories, clothing all left me feeling like I has entered some kind of new world which I knew nothing about.
As a teen and young adult, I battled acne and other skin ailments every day. Afraid of the relentless teasing which went on in school, I'd wake up extra early to apply a thick and very noticeable layer of makeup...followed by concealer....then powder, which I'd reapply all day long. This took a lot of time and effort, but it was the only way I felt comfortable. I even went through this before going to the swimming pool in the summertime! I remember writing in my journal one night..."The pool will be so much fun, but what if my makeup washes off?"
I'm sure that I was harming my skin more than helping it by wearing such a literal mask day in and day out. It wasn't until my lower maintenance college days that I stopped going through this insanity.
Although my acne breakouts are much fewer in numbers these days, I still bear the scars of so many past ailments. I began following a vegan diet in 2005 and noticed a marked difference in my skin...the scars seemed to fade and my complexion was brighter.
Gone are the days of scouring my face with OXI clean pads; striping my skin of any and all natural oils. Gone are the makeup compacts, drugstore astringents and harsh cleaners...and thank goodness. Here I share my favorite skin care products and regimens for the natural minded and "low maintenance" woman and mother:)

Argan Oil
I know I've written about this oil in the past, but I can tell you that it is pure greatness. I feel like it's the product I've been looking for all this time! Look for 100% organic Argan oil; it is worth the investment. I use it on my face (I was nervous about putting an oil on my complexion at first) for acne scars, flare ups, and to promote an even skin tone. It works wonderfully. It is a sheer and dewy moisturizer which won't leave your face looking shiny. I also use it on my hair and nails.
Tea Tree Oil
For acne spot treatment, I apply tea tree oil with a q-tip to any affected areas. It is very strong full strength, so I only recommend this oil as a spot treatment.
Quite possibly the most useful herb out there, in my opinion..
• To reduce the redness of pimples, chill a chamomile tea bag and press it lightly against the pimple
• Instead of using soap and water, use chamomile tea. It relaxes the skin as well as cleans it thoroughly
• To reduce the effect of acne scars, rub chamomile tea on the marks. Chamomile has a lightening effect, which reduces the visibility of marks left after acne flare-ups.

We hear this word so often and it can apply to our personal care, too. Try to remember to wash your face in the morning and before bed. When you wash your skin in the morning (although it may seem unnecessary), you’re removing toxins, sebum, and nighttime products ...think of it as a clean slate. And it feels rejuvenating, too:) I also find it very helpful to change my pillowcase nightly to reduce breakouts on the sides of my face.
Take the time to find an awesome moisturizer which you really love. My favorite pick for combination/acne prone skin is Derma E's problem skin moisturizer. (locals, find it at Wegmans!)

Other recommended product lines:
Derma E (free sample + shipping offer)
Alba Botanica

I think I've come a long way from my "make up" almost seems like another lifetime. I wish you all confidence and happiness!


  1. Chamomille and Tea Tree Oil is really helpful in skin care.I used tea tree oil for removing my under eye dark circles.

  2. beautiful ... what a lovely and informative post ... with soon to be 2 teenagers in the house this has given me some good ideas to try ... thanks so much :)

  3. I also discovered oils for cleansing and moisturizing in the last few years. Like you, I was concerned that adding oil to my face and hair would only make it greasy, but particularly in winter my skin really seems to crave it. As I understand it, your skin wants oil and if you strip it of natural oils, that's when it will start becoming greasier. I've been using Weleda's almond oil (underneath my regular moisturizer) at nighttime. I work near a natural, organic spa and I've been planning to try a facial there. They produce their own line of oils that smell wonderful.

  4. Excellent post, Rebecca! I've been looking for a natural moisturizer, especially with all of the temperature variance we've been experiencing this "winter." I'll take your recommendations to heart.

    I've recently added dry brushing after my showers, and my skin is loving it! It helps with the dryness and gives the skin a nice glow. It also seems to invigorate my entire body.

  5. Hi Rebecca, thanks for the information. I had also to fight with acne scars. I am using a kind of Tamarind scrub from Body Delights. It works very well for me.

  6. I too struggled with acne until I stopped wearing make-up during my second pregnancy. One of my favorite treatments is the oil cleansing method. Washing my face with oil, it really works! My mom bought me a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas, and it works for oil cleansing too. Between my 70% raw diet and washing with oil, my face has never looked better!

  7. I have recently become aware of all the harmful ingredients in many facial cleansers, moisturizers and makeup. Here I am at 41, finally taking a bit better care of myself. I enjoyed your post and your recommendations. I recently got some samples of Dr. Hauschka's line of skincare and makeup. You might like that as well. It's lovely.


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