Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday knits

Oh, it's that time of year again...
The time when I remember that promise I made to myself which I never seem to keep..
Last year, I nearly vowed to start Holiday knits in August...
I'm not going to be rushing through anything, but it would have been great to have had a few things started months ago. Yes, well!
'Tis the season!

The little knitting bag that will happily be accompanying me nearly everywhere until December 25th!
 Never the less, I'm enjoying walking through our local yarn store searching for the right skeins for my upcoming projects.

It's a very dangerous 3 blocks from our home!
I find myself there all the time; wandering around for nearly an hour...
Never really buying too much of anything, but touching everything.


...you've been warned! :)

I'll be using Noro Kureyon for a drop stitch scarf for my mother

Baby Alpaca Grande for a swiss dot cowl..
This yarn is hands down the softest I've ever felt.
It is downright scrumptious and I mean it!!
I can't tell you how many times I have dug my hands into this display of yarn...

Baby Alpaca Grande for a keyhole scarf. When this project is laid out in a gift box, it very much resembles a breast cancer awareness ribbon!

I also finished W's Plain Vest just in time for the cold weather.
I'm really loving this vest, as it keeps his chest and heart extra warm:)

In between stitches, I'm reading LILIPOH magazine, which is always a pleasure!

The giveaway for the beautiful Waldorf doll continues until Friday Nov. 25th!
Good luck, friends and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  1. Those buttons! Gosh I love them, where did you find them?

  2. I started my holiday knitting way back in January and will still be knitting up until the last minute because I keep adding things to my list!

  3. Julie, the buttons are also from the knitting store! xoxox

  4. a very happy thanksgiving to you and your family!! we are so blessed to have met you and be apart of your playschool!

  5. baby alpaca grande really is amazing, isn't it? I used it for a cowl last year, but will have to check out the dotted swiss pattern--I think I have a couple skeins in the stash!!!! Thanks for the suggestion! Happy elfing!

  6. Gorgeous buttons! Oh what a pleasure it is browsing for yarn isn't it?
    I hope your projects come along well.

  7. Luscious yarny pix! Three blocks away!! I'd never be at home. It would magnetically pull me to its door daily!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, what wonderful gifts. They will be treasured for sure. I totally LOVE those buttons. Where did you find them? Take care.

  9. What a lovely yarn store, I think I could live there! Looks like you have plenty of things planned, and those buttons...beautiful!

  10. I am so jealous of your wonderful yarn shop, I have one nearby but the owners and other customers seem rather snooty so I never feel comfortable there. I would love to curl up in one of those comfy chairs and just knit the day away!! :)

  11. I looove spending time at yarn shops touching everything... :)

  12. how lovely to have a yarn shop so close by and it looks like it's open in the evening too? i love ours too, but everything in my town closes at 5. LOVE noro and the baby alpaca, happy knitting!

    p.s. oh those buttons! i would love to buy a few.

  13. All that beautiful yarn has me drooling :) And those buttons are beautiful.

  14. Oh Rebecca, all this lovely knitting and yarn! <3

  15. Hello my friend...
    Such lovely knits, you look as though you are very busy but I thought you might enjoy seeing our photos of this year's Waldorf Christmas Fair! It was so magical!
    Hope you are all well,
    ~ joey ~


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