Sunday, November 27, 2011

30...and giveaway winner!

Yesterday marked my 30th year in this world I have come to know...
The future is an exciting place to ponder upon.

The old photo above is a great representation of who I am and how some things remain the same over time...

...I still have a toothy smile.

...I still get excited oh so easily. It is very hard for me to contain myself when I'm happy about something!

...Style wise, I probably am still stuck somewhere in the 80's (haha!)

...The cassette tape  in the photo is Madonna's Immaculate Collection. Still a favorite. Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation is up there, too.

...I'll always love my birthday; probably just as much as I did in this photograph. It's a day to be reminded  of how incredibly lucky you are to be surrounded by people who love and support you.

We officially danced all night long; in a somewhat snooty restaurant with a DJ willing to play all of our crazy requests. We probably were laughed at and we were definitely pointed at. We were the only people in the room dancing the entire time..and it was awesome.

Life changes....

                                             From being sort of confused and not all that happy....

                                                                   To being confident...

                              believing in love and all of its beauty and promise...

to feeling complete.

....Now for the lucky giveaway winner of the Woodland Woolens Waldorf Doll!

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your doll memories upon entering the giveaway. They were a joy to read and they certainly made me smile:)
If you're a new reader here, I offer you the warmest of welcomes!

THE HIPPIE ODYSSEY is our giveaway winner:)
Lucky you, dearie!
Kindly get in touch with me so your little sweetie can be mailed to you:)

as always, thanks for reading..


  1. Happy birthday! I wish you many blessings :-)

  2. Happy birthday! Lovely photos- amazing how we grow and change eh?

  3. Happy Birthday wishing all the best for your 30th year, i hope it is filled with love, light and laughter x

  4. Late Happy Birthday!
    This post inspires me to be an inspired 30-year old :D (I had my birthday on 8th November :)
    Tank you for this, and for everything you share here, on this blog.

  5. Dear Rebecca,
    Happy, Happy Birthday! And welcome to the thirties- it's wonderful!
    You are the same person in many ways, and have grown in others- such is life- isn't it wonderful?
    Much love to you!

  6. Happy birthday, Rebecca! I hope you had an amazing time turning 30. :)

  7. happy birthday! i think we would've been great friends as kids. i have memories of madonna and dressing up like her (omg) at the age of 11 and 12. lots of black rubber bracelets, ruffle skirts, headbands, lacy tops. it was pure fun. love that last shot of you and W. you share the same smile! sweet!

  8. Warmest Birthday wishes my friend!
    Love the photos, I'm so glad that you found your way on this path early in life!
    ~ joey ~

  9. Happy Birthday and congrats to the giveaway winner :)

  10. Happiest of birthdays to you! I enjoyed seeing your grow in the pictures. :-)

  11. Happy birthday blessings to you, lovely mama!

  12. happy 30 years around this sun~!

  13. 10 years older than you-- I LOVE the Immaculate Collection too. The first song "Holiday" has morphed into our family's favorite "Dance Party Clean Up" tune. Basically we crank up the music and dance our way through a mad dash tidying of the playroom. And singing out "Clean Up" in place of "Holida-ay" fits too. When the song finishes, that's more cleaning and then we're ready to settle down. OR enjoy the clean space for some more dancing! The extended play version works great for getting everything put away! :)

  14. Hey Becca, I just read this today - for me, too, the Immaculate Collection has such strong memories. I remember when my cousin first got it and we listened to it over and over...I can't believe my aunt let us do that, since we were like eight. Ha!!

    And the end of this post brought tears to my is so so true! Xoxo

  15. Glad you had such a great birthday, glad you are feeling happy and at peace with who you are. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead! Sending love.. XOXO

  16. 30 is the best decade! we are awesome in our 30s! welcome to it all.


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