Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well and Warm

A guardian angle to watch over us..

Excitement is brewing as we look ahead to Martinmas, little by little every day.
Each afternoon before lunch, I informally introduce the children to a different style of lantern; simply placing it on the table, lighting it, and letting them comment and wonder.
By Martinmas on Nov. 11th, our table will be glowing!
We are telling the familiar story of St. Martin, along with an adapted version of  "St. Martin and his Light" from the Tiptoes Lightly series, The Festival of Stones.
I love this storybook!

Beautiful paper lantern created by my friend, Tanya

 A few new details to playschool include a mini Autumn scene above the new baskets where the children store their mittens, hats, scarves, etc.

 Our "baby tea" is a staple in our day..
(chamomille and mint; very inexpensive to buy in bulk)
My fantastic helper, Monica,  and I have been especially looking forward to it after lunch time.
We've been clinking mugs and exclaiming, "cheers!"...
Another day has flown by, and they're just getting better, smoother, and so enjoyable.
I value her assistance and rapport with the children and myself so much; it's hard for me to express this gratitude. More about her in another post..

Speaking of gratitude, I am incredibly thankful for the tolerance of the playschool children with W as of late.
They are modeling kindness and patience day in and day out.
It took some time, but we are there.

Every morning, I've been stripping the bed for the children to jump upon...
Some may cringe at me allowing this, but I'm happy for them to work out some of their early morning energy!
Hmmm...some connection with W not wanting to nap?
Most likely, but since my last post, he's been going down so, so easily and quickly. 
Thank you for all of your advice and related stories. 
I have discovered that allowing for even more time outdoors has helped him become tired enough to give in to sleep!

Since the snowstorm, the weather has been mild and sunny.
We've been enjoying our late morning snack outside at the neighborhood Rose Garden...

Hello, pinecone phone!
Yes, we are well and warm here, and life is good.
Have I overdone it with the positivity and gooey sweet feelings?
That's alright.
It's my truth:)


  1. i just love every word you write! what an inspiration! keep it up girl! have you started x-mas gifts?

  2. I am so happy to see things are on the up for you and that life has found its rhythm again.... Peace and well wishes my friend xx

  3. You know what? This morning I was, like, "So I love my life right now...what's so bad about that?" It's wonderful to be gooey and positive! I think we feel a need to watch our words and it's not a good thing.

    My eldest is in her second year of German this year and she is playing the cold, starving man on the side of the road in front of the whole school. Apparently, though, the lantern walk is only for the lower school. Boo hoo!

  4. your room looks heavenly..~~!

  5. I must tell you againlove your Blog, its the best in blogland!!!
    Love from Denmark!

  6. The pine cone phone totally captures what I know of her personality! =) Precious! M slept for about three hours yesterday after her morning~ some amazing work is being supported, indeed. xo


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