Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Powerful film about...vaccinations.

Friends, I wanted to share this opportunity before it expires *tomorrow*. From now until Nov. 8th, view the powerful film "For the Greater Good" for free.

Follow this link to the film..

"THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today.
The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program."

I know the issue of vaccination has become somewhat taboo, but I really "enjoyed" this film. I liked that it offered both viewpoints and wasn't staunchly "anti vaccine"....well, kind of:)
The film is certainly worth watching. Will it "change your mind" or "affirm your choices?" Well, much of the film is emotionally driven; delving into the lives of families affected by vaccine related injury and death, but there are many snipets of scientific data which confirm that vaccinations aren't 100% safe.
I'm not writing this in favor of or against vaccines.
We all make the best choices for our family.
If there is one concept which remains important in making these critical decisions, it is Informed Consent.

*If you don't have the 84 minutes to watch the full film ( I stayed up WAY too late doing so!), I highly recommend watching 00:59:00. It touches on the incorrect assumption that vaccines were the #1 reason for the decline in vaccine preventable deaths in the 60's.*

Maybe we can share our decisions to vaccinate or not vaccinate at another time...I'm not ready to jump into that hot water in this space yet! Honestly, I don't think it's anyone's business but your own, unless you offer up that very personal information on your own accord.

If you view the film, let us know what you think!



  1. Oh, thank you, thank you for posting this! Funny, we just had a discussion at school about vax today, AND today I also had to deal with the attitudes of the women at WIC for refusing vax *sigh*.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I will watch it tonight. I have posted it on Facebook for anyone else interested in watching. My daughter has recently had whooping cough. Yes my girls are not vaccinated. It has brought up questions for me as to whether I have done the right thing, but I keep receiving confirmation that I did. Especially after reading about Steiner's lectures on Karma and Illnesses, which I highly recommend! If you have not read it yet, that will bring your thinking to a another level all together!

  3. Thanks for posting this :-) I also shared it on Facebook. It's refreshing to see something vaccination-related that is reasonably unbiased.

  4. I have watched the documentary. I am of the opinion that vaccines add to the toxic soup that we currently swim in, and that we have not yet evolved to be tolerant of these toxins. I also agree with the notion that some people are genetically inclined to be more sensitive to some of these toxins. But the most important point that I think was made is that almost no issue is absolute, there are gray areas to almost every issue. From discussing this matter with other concerned people, I have come to the conclusion that most people want SAFER vaccinations and schedules. The problem remains, however, that whenever we mess with the current natural state of things, it is never 100% safe.

  5. Dear Rebecca, thank you for posting this. I have not seen the video, but would like to. Vaccination is an issue I am always so reluctant to talk about, as I have gotten some negative views on our (personal family) decision, which we've decided with much research and love and knowing our children. We even had to switch pediatricians, due to threats when we as parents have the freedom to vaccinate or not!
    Love to you,

  6. I am definitely going to watch it. Thanks! We opted out of vaccinating our children. It never seemed right, never felt right. I am still glad about our decision. I am going to make popcorn and watch this tonight!

    P.S. I love your sweet personality and your way of discussing things.

  7. Hi Rebecca, This is a very controversial topic and you are a brave soul to be bringing it up. Good for you! I have three children and never imagined the need for vaccinating. I did a lot of research, and I agree, it is more an issue of how to vaccinate. A series of shots with many diseases injected into our beloved children at once...don't think so! However, now, I am on the other side of the fence. My middle child, who is now three, was diagnosed with diabetes not quite a year ago. If she develops a disease, she is at serious risk of life-threatening complications. What is a mama to do? This has been a painful, difficult reminder that it is really wrong to judge other people's decisions. Every mama and papa needs to make their own choices for their children. Let's just work towards letting people have this right.
    xo Jules

  8. Glad someone was as hooked by this as I was. I started watching it the other night on someone's recommendation, just meaning to check it out, and I just kept watching to the very end. I knew most of the information presented, and I could certainly see the bias of the filmmakers - but I think it would eye-opening for a lot of people. For me, I was particularly startled by the "mandatory" vaccinations in some States. I am from Canada, and things are a little different here. There is a bit more room for choice.

    My personal opinion is that vaccination is a horrible choice for parents to have to make. Vaccinate and hope it has no long-term (or immediate) ill-effect, or don't vaccinate and hope your children don't get one of the diseases we vaccinate against. And, regardless, neither choice really safeguards us as we wish it could. We're still on the fence, but no matter what the choice, it isn't without risk, which is really hard for a parent to stomach.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing. Glad you loved the film, too.

  9. I agree with the previous posters. Vaccination is not an issue I thought I would have an issue with when I was pregnant. Little did I know...I have made appts to start a shot here or there, feeling the societal pressures of "being responsible and doing everything you can to protect your child". But, somehow, one of my twins would be under the weather or I would forget the appt...As if it just wasn't meant to be. A day doesn't go by that I don't think about our decision. There's just something about it that throws my "mama gut red flag" up~I cried while watching this film. For myself, bc it is such a stressful topic and I do hold a lot of fear for both sides of the issue. But also for the families negatively effected. But, I keep reading articles where fully vaxxed people are getting the same diseases as non vaxxed people. And that speaks to me. People keep referencing the "science", the "data". What about the people? The folks we see everyday who are clearly vax injured? I am a supporter for a safer program and a more holistic approach to allowing our species and immune systems to evolve ~ I try to support other families to educate. Whatever decision they come to is their own business :)

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I have 3 boys and the first 2 had regular vax just like the dr wanted and I just assumed it was the roght thing to do. I have an almost 3 month old now and started him on the series, but am still so unsure...I have wondered about the Dr. Sears "slow" schedule or not at all.. such a tough choice.


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