Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Playschool nap rhythm..

After such an eventful morning, the children are ready for a rest time...
While I do not "pack" many activities into our time together, it is still a lot and a good rest is needed.
First, we head to the porch to feed the squirrels and other wildlife who come to greet us...
"Gray squirrel" is our song for this occassion...
After we have fed our tiny neighboors, we return indoors and take our spots for nap...
The usual blankets and pillows are brought out, the children are tucked in, curtains and blinds are drawn...
I begin our tiny treats song....

"Patter go the nuts on a frosty morning,
Falling from the trees to the ground below..
Here comes Mr. Squirrel going hop, hop, hop...
Picking them up just as fast as they drop!
Packing them away for the cold in winter,
when the woods and hills will be white with snow..."

As I sing very, very slowly and softly, I am slowly moving about the room, placing nuts, seeds, and dried cereal in the outstretched palms of the waiting children. They really are like little squirrels; keeping some in their hands, eating some, saving some for the very last bite. On my last trip about the room, I kiss the hands of each child to let them know that tiny treats are through.We light a honey pot and it is time for our story.

We are currently reading one page of Tiptoes Lightly before settling in for sleep. The amount is just right. Before reading, I close my eyes for a few moments and think of the story I am trying to bring to life and the children who are about to experience it. The children always think I am falling asleep..... :)
I need this moment to prepare.

After our story, our honey pot is snuffed and the children are kissed "good nap". I bring W upstairs for his nap...and when I return downstairs, all of the children are asleep. It really is amazing.

This 2 hours before afternoon pick up is a great opportunity for me to clean up our lunch dishes and any other areas that need tidying. Sounds crazy, but I love this lone clean up time...

How do you create an environment and mood conducive to sleep?


  1. We are much the same - always darkening their room, singing a song, reading a story.... it's like an automatic "off" switch. Nap time is also my quiet time, my time to read, to to nap myself.

  2. I think I would like to come and nap at your house ;)

  3. rhythm is the key for us, when it's nap time, it's nap time and they know that and they're little bodies expect it.

  4. Our two year old won't fall asleep for nap time. Ever. We have a simple ritual surrounding it and it just doesn't work. It makes the afternoon exhausting for us all, I'm afraid.

  5. Oh Rebecca, we are such tiptoes fans around here!
    Littlest one of ours is only a baby still, so he has his nap same time every morning, nursed to sleep. He always sleeps on his sheepskin, and if he's teething or having difficulty he has chamomile and lavender oil rubbed into the soles of his feet.
    For bedtime and all the children, rhythm is essential- after dinner there is clean up/ taking care of the animals, and quiet reading/drawing/play, small snack, then bath, stories, to bed. :) Biggest girl is 10, and hers is modified a bit, but still the rhythm is the same for her every night.
    We like to have a bed time snack, as they are little and often don't eat a lot for dinner. Something simple like bread and butter with milk or tea.

  6. This is beautiful! I would love to be able to get my little one to drop off to sleep so simply. At four she doesn't nap and sleeps only eight hours a night if I am lucky and this is not straight through. We have tried quite a few things and have an established routine, but still not great sleep. I don't need a lot of sleep and so I think she comes by it naturally.


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