Friday, September 9, 2011

After the rain....

                                                 It's been a real soaker here this past month...

A good pair of rainboots are a must and our hands are muddy...
We remained indoors for one playschool day this week, and emerged the next...
it was like a huge exhale.

Sadly, our fairy woods did not survive all of the wind and heavy rain.
Have you ever pulled a 9 foot tall sunflower out of the ground?
Man! I nearly fell backwards every time.
I am so sad to see all of our flowers go.
They brought us much joy and shade.
I'm thinking ahead to Fall mums, though...

This was our first week with our new(ish) Fall rhythm.
It feels good and natural to me.

The roofers and the tall ladders worked their way into much of the play..

I've found a new and much easier way to dye rainbow silks.
I'm working on a tutorial this week.

We've welcomed a set of twins into our growing group and they fit in so, so well.
They are great caretakers of our dolly corner...and my little boy, too.

The bandshell at The Rose Garden park down the street from us makes for great fun..

The mud and dirt after a good rainfall can't be passed by...
a handful becomes a necessity.


  1. What great photos! I look forward to your rainbow silk tutorial!!!
    Glad to see you are all well!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Such a sweet program you have, Rebecca! I enjoy this change in rhythm, adding new elements to our days that enhance the season. I'm also looking forward to your tutorial. ;)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Excited to read your silk tutorial. I have 2 large ones coming from Cedar Ring Co-op and can't wait to dye them and see them played with!

    Your little flower garden is so lovely. The kids must really love it!

  4. So nice! Where in the world is your waldorf play school?
    Love from Copenhagen, Denmark!

  5. I love sunflowers too, mine have never grown that tall ever! I have done some silk dying of late, Iwas wondering what sort of silk do you use? There are so many varieties..... :)


  6. Can't wait for your Rainbow silk tutorial - I want to dye a huge one for my classroom but was very intimidated by the thought! Lucy xxx

  7. Oh, those kids are so sweet! Your little school is so wonderful. My girl starts at her Waldorf home preschool this week and we are so excited for her.

    Sorry about your sunflowers! Many of our flowers are gone now, too, but the emerging leaf colors are so beautiful.

    Can't wait for the silk tutorial! I'm going to dye some silks soon, so I'm excited to learn.


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