Sunday, August 21, 2011


With the inevitable end-of-summer blues approaching, I've been grasping at every last moment of orange sunsets, celebrations, and festivals in our town. Every August, I get excited for a small and sort of lackluster carnival a local hospital hosts. It's full of overpriced concessions, rides that look kind of dangerous, and 3 craft tents featuring one or two gems each year....
Last year, I found Pennsylvania Dutch handmade brooms, which became a bit of an obsession...
This year, I stumbled upon Scherenschnitte....

Historically, paper cutting originated in China between 200 BC and 200 AD, and then was seen in Asia and Turkey in the 16th century. It was brought over from Germany to America, known as Pennsylvania Dutch Colonial America in the 1700's and 1800's. You will see scherenschnitte in craft fairs in Pennsylvania as Mennonites and Amish used the art form to create love letters or love knots which became a part of their heritage.
Source: Information sheet given by artist

                                                                          Love this one!!

There was something about all of the chairs, too...
I decided to purchase one after thinking it over for a few days and planning where it would be placed in our home.
I returned 2 days later, walked 10 minutes from my parking spot, dripping sweat, and selected this...

Special thanks to Brenda Miller for allowing me to photograph her beautiful work!
If you're interested in Scherenschnitte, her contact is

Also, off topic, I am beginning to take "stock" for W's Autumn and Winter woolens. He's outgrown most of them, and I'm looking for long and short sleeved wool or wool/silk blend undershirts. Size wise, he's a tall and skinny 24 month old:) If you have any to pass on in usable condition, I'd love to purchase them from you. Please email :)


  1. A spinning wheel, how perfect for your home!
    We were also at an amazing market yesterday I'll be blogging about it soon!
    ~ joey ~

  2. Love the art you picked. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful... I have a paper cut of 2 bears sitting at a table -- one is drinking from a mug and the other is smoking a long looking pipe -- so whimsical -- I love it!


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