Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Candlemas...a few weeks later

Candlemas has come and went....and it seems like time is passing so quickly for me these days. It seems also like I don't have enough time in the day to record things in this space as I'd really like to-- to take my time, reflect, and put forth a good effort. I'm also taking on a new business and pleasure venture which is taking up much of my energy and time and keeping me awake at night with excitement. It's a good thing, but I'm tired.

Candlemas was observed during playgarden inwardly and very outwardly during my Sunday School class.


Once again making our Earth candles from the bits and ends of our beeswax candles which I collect throughout the year..


W helped me remove all pine boughs from the house on the Eve of Candlemas, just as we do every year. The needles were super dry on our dining room garland and getting stuck in my hair (!). They probably should come down sooner than this time, but I savor tradition too much...

Our sunday school story was simple- the story of the light of the world being recognized....a few visual pieces and a lot of wondering. 


We planted papwerwhite bulbs in jars filled with rocks. Mother Amy, a priest from our church, was kind enough to celebrate a candle blessing with the children where we blessed our classroom and home candles for the coming year..

Lent is now here. There is much to think about. I'm ready and wanting to find the time. I know I will.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Our candlemas here:

  2. You've created sweet and memorable days. Love!!! Congratulations on your new business venture. I know that feeling of being sleepless with excitement.

  3. I love your families quiet traditions. We had hoped to do something more this year with the neighborhood children, but I was stuck on the couch :( I'll look forward to next year, when we can celebrate for the first time with our son.

  4. I hope you continue to find the time to add to your blog. I am so inspired by what you do with your little ones. I especially love that you try to find an economical way to incorporate Waldorf into your day. I hope to continue to learn from you.


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