Monday, December 3, 2012

An armor of light..

This past weekend, we celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas at our Episcopal church where I currently serve as director of religious education...what a lucky girl I am to have such a job. It's been a little bit over a year since I started this position. It has had its ups and downs, but in the end, I really, really enjoy it. Especially this time of year....

This year, I am also teaching Sunday school for our elementary and kindergarten aged students. We use the Montessori inspired curriculum Godly Play, which is deeply rooted in story telling, beauty and wondering. I really love caring for my own classroom; arriving early to prepare the space and bringing light in any way that I can.


"Today St. Nicholas is in the heavens. Every year on his birthday he starts on his journey down to the earth. He asks for his white horse and journeys from star to star. There he meets Mother Mary, who gathers silver and golden threads for the shift of the Christ Child. Mother Mary says to him: "Dear St. Nicholas please go again to the children and bring them your gifts. Tell them, 'Christmas is nigh and soon the Christ Child will come.'"

classroom artwork by Sunday school parent, Lauren Kindle

This past Sunday, I told The Story of St. Nicholas of Myra ....while there are so many stories, I chose the version by Margaret Meyerkort (find the text online here) noted contributor of the Wynnstone series and other wonderful work.

While I am now accoustomed to working with the nursery aged group at this time, this was something different for me. The story I have been telling for the nursery aged playgarden children is much more simple and full of nothing but goodness:) Truly, what needs to come across most for this age group is the world is good!

Our Sunday school children received prayer cards, bookmarks, golden coins, honey sticks, and a walnut shell beeswax candle in their shoes.  (I finally figured out a great way to crack the walnut shells in half without ruining them! I'll share during my next post..)

They also got a surprise visit from St. Nicholas during church time!

W was enthralled. He just stood there the entire time looking at St. Nicholas in total awe and wonder. How larger than life he must have appeared. 

More St. Nicholas to follow this Thursday. 

Almighty God, give  us grace that we may cast away the works of darkness
and put upon us an armor of light...
(Book of Common Prayer)


  1. Great post! I am homeschooling and very interested in learning more about Godly Play. In your opinion, how would you integrate it into the home as well as where would I begin with resources? Thanks so much!!

  2. Your congregation must love all your time, presence and beauty to the children. I wish we were not so far away or we would love to join you.

  3. So beautiful! I, too , have been blessed with being part of a church that has a children's program that is in line with how I wish my children to learn. I've gone to this same church since I was a babe in arms, I feel so blessed to share my experience growing up there with my own children! Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Oh how lovely, and what a wonderful experience to work with both Montesorri at Church and Waldorf at home, I know this is a common question but do you find their to be many differences? I love Waldorf, I love the layers things are taught in, a simple verse actually is teaches a rhythm preparing children for math, the life of letters embeded in beautiful stories, etc etc, but it also the most intimidating thing about Waldorf homeschooling, which layer am I missing? Do I understand what it is I am trying to convey. I so wish I could attend teacher training but I simply cannot be away from home three weeks at a time.

  5. I love the quietness of Saint Nicholas instead of the bluster of Santa. Your pictures are beautiful. As a child mum always told us that on Saint Nicholas day "Someone who loves you very much in the spirit of Saint Nicholas visited during the night". A tradition that I will keep going with my own wee one (half way there. 23 weeks and counting!). I look forward to seeing your method for splitting walnuts. I love the little candles. We also like to make little boats out of walnut shells but it's so hard to get them to split right. Take care.


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