Monday, November 19, 2012

The Simple Knot Doll

It's so great to be home after a week away at school....
This was the absolute longest I have ever been away from home since W was born and it was difficult. Each day at Sunbridge was filled with inspiration and friendship....Eurythmy, sculpture, handwork, Anthroposohpy, in depth work and reflections on the Festivals and the cycle of the year (more reflections on these later)...but when class was over for the day (8:15-5:30!) I felt myself so longing to be home. Homesick doesn't even begin to describe how I felt before going to bed.

my dorm room....felt a little bit like being back in college. 

Anyhow, I'll use the next few posts here to reflect upon my studies for the week. There is certainly a lot to think over!

One of my most favorite parts of the week was our handwork block where we crafted first aid kits and simple knot dolls. We worked with soft flannel and wool roving and batting for stuffing. What a difference it makes to fill a doll with warm, fragrant wool. You really can feel the warmth upon cradling it in your arms!

We used the doll pattern from Beyond The Rainbow Bridge, one of my most favorite early parenting books. I also learned 2 new stitches, including the french stitch, perfect for continuous seaming. I have really been loving hand stitching the past few weeks...I find it so relaxing. 

our first aid kits, which include holders for small scissors, bandages and a thermometer

Our handwork block was held in one of the nursery classrooms at Green Meadow Waldorf School. Beautiful. I also found out that they host the largest amount of Waldorf kindergarten students in the country! (4 kindergartens; 80 children!!)

I am loving my time at Sunbridge--so much I learning about being a guide to young children, being a friend, a student of life, and a mother. 

I finished my knot doll on the last day; crafting also a small pillow and sleep sack to keep her warm. W seemed to really enjoy meeting dolly for the first time. She now sleeps on the sheepskin next to his bed and he's taken to kissing her good night.

 I returned home Friday evening to find a bunch of balloons and a beautiful card waiting for me. I hugged and hugged W and Jay and they both felt so warm and smelled so good. It was a wonderful moment.

May our feeling penetrateInto the center of our heart
And seek, in love to unite itself
With the human beings seeking
The same goal,.
With the spirit beings who,
Bearing Grace,
Strengthening us from realms of light
And illuminating our love
Are gazing down upon
Our earnest heartfelt striving

~Rudolph Steiner's "The Verse for America"
(morning Eurythmy verse) 

More about Sunbridge and The Threefold Community here. 


  1. what an amazing post, I enjoyed this so much, the knot dolls are so cute, beautiful post, I leave her smiling!

  2. I love reading your posts from when you come back from school! You always post such beautiful pictures of your time there. I too am seeking to become a guide to small children so I find great inspiration in others who are choosing the same path. I love the simplicity of the knot dolls.

  3. This was such a beautiful post Rebecca! I'm so happy for you!

    Much love

  4. such an inspiring space ... just lovely x

  5. how exciting to learn new things! i am so inspired by so many aspects of waldorf education, its so lovely, peaceful and artistic!

  6. Oh how lovely....and how wonderful to know it is growing so strongly (as a form of education). Loved the dolls and I can recall that very unique smell that goes with the wool. I like hand stitching too - actually sewing machines scare me a bit lol

  7. What a wonderful post, as always. I am so nervous about time away from my children next year when I start my own course and have a one week intensive. Well done. You did it!

  8. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Yours is lovely as well. Well wishes to your family.


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