Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Quiet Room

Anyone with small children is aware of the indoor volume which is sometimes deafening..lets be honest.
While I want to offer a space where children can freely express themselves, there has to be a boundary as far as the noise level. "We can yell outside as loud as we wish!" is usually my phrase when the children are becoming too loud. Not surprisingly, though, if I speak with an extra quiet voice, most will follow suit.

My house is somewhat small, although some visitors to our program say that is is "just right" for what I am doing. Children need hiding spaces; little corners or nooks where they can feel held, quiet, and maybe even unseen. The amount of furniture in my downstairs area and lack of space haven't helped me much in finding these spaces which I've been looking to foster...

 In short, we needed to find a getaway. During a phone conversation with a parent (every Thursday night from 8-10 is my "open phone night" where parents can call me and I am guaranteed to be available.) mentioned designating a corner or cranny to be a quiet space. I loved the idea right away. That night, at 11:00 pm, I went upstairs to our (nearly finished) painting room and dubbed it The Quiet Room.

Half asleep, I selected a few playthings and furnishings and set the intention for the room. A table with an over sized tablecloth. Some baby dolls and a rocking chair. I thought of the handful of children who might really enjoy and seek out this space when things get a bit wild downstairs....

The Sistene Madonna in our quiet room

Thus far, the space is being used for most of our playtime. I'll be interested to see how this progresses as time goes on...

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll be out of town (well, commuting) to a Lifeways workshop held at Kimberton Waldorf School. I am so looking forward to this time!


  1. Ah yes, children = noise that is for sure. Your quiet spots look lovely and peaceful

  2. I love the idea of quiet spaces but we chose our house for it's wide open lay out. The play stands are a much loved refuge and so is under the table when it has been draped with sheets to make a little house. W is getting so big, I love that his curls have stayed with him. I sure hope our wee one has his/her father's curls. Stop on by and see our big happy news and Have a blessed day.

  3. I look forward to hearing about how this new quiet space works for your group. I've often been concerned about how loud environments heighten stress hormone levels of both the young children and caregivers. I work in a preschool and am always searching for ways to provide calm spaces that are developmentally sound. Thanks for bringing up this topic.

  4. Love your use of the Madonna and child. Somehow I am always reminded of you when I see this painting now!

  5. We use play stands and old sarongs and bed sheets to create a little den in the livingroom and our daughter has a little round tent in her room that she talks to her dolls in. They are wonderful getaways for the kids and a very good investment. Here in the uk, you can find old clothing drying racks that are slightly shorter than the play stands but they are a fraction of the price. Hope you had fun this weekend my friend.


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