Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Stills

Ocean breezes blowing, feet kick and splash..
Ocean waves are breaking on the shore with a crash!
Boys finds seashells, girls sifting sand...
Friends build castles as high as they can..
I stretch my arms up as high as they reach,
Oh, what fun at this day at the beach!
~One of our rest time songs by M.T Schunemann

 At the end of Summer on hot August nights,
 Michael sends falling stars, 
Bringing strength and Light..
In the late night hours you fall..
Showering your starlight on all...
Falling stars, falling stars,
shoot across the sky..
Bring to earth your light!
Bring to earth your might!
~another rest time songs by M.T Schunemann


  1. Love, love, LOVE the photo of your stove/pizzas especially. So homey and pretty. :)

  2. Hello Rebecca! How I miss visiting you here! We love both of those songs, I have already had the Michael one in my head lately.
    Well sweet friend, I want to wish you and your family lots of love and happiness. I am so glad for you and your special day coming soon!
    Renee <3

  3. your home is so beautiful and filled with love. I love seeing these glimpses into your life. Take care.

  4. so beautiful. thank you for sharing. which book title would i find those songs in? i'd love them all but only have 1 right now.


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