Monday, March 5, 2012

Lenten Gardens

It's hard to believe that the season of Lent is here...
A time for penitence and simple living, a time of means something different to everyone. In Sunday school, some teachers have removed extra decorations from the wall. Some have not. Some go without certain foods...some chose not to overindulge in general.
As an adult working with very young children, I let the changes in environment do all the talking.

Gone are the vignettes from Epiphany. In their place, a plain terra cotta dish full of soil. Nothing else. Somewhat stark, but meaningful. It is during this time that we remember the lifelessness that is life without Christ. No seeds are growing in the dish. There will be life soon, but first we remember going without.
A Lenten Garden is a simple way to illustrate don't have to be a religious person to observe Lent, I think. You can think more about the way we go without new life during the Winter season (at least, it seems this way...deep below the ground new life is forming and much work is being done!) and the beauty and vastness of Spring which follows.
Over the weeks, characteristics will be added to the Lenten Garden. But for now, this is what we experience.
...I am also experiencing how a dish full of soil can be incredibly tempting for a 31 month old! I stepped into the dining room this morning to find dirt strewn about everywhere!

However, our Nature Table displays some signs of the slow changing of seasons, such as a bird's nest I was lucky enough to almost step on one afternoon at the park, and a depiction of our very first Spring flowers, the beloved snowdrops!!!

A needlefelted snowdrop fairy I created last Winter...

Speaking of changes, I updated our table centerpiece as a way to move our mealtime candle to more safety. I believe that the children respect the flame and they almost always have instant reverence for it. I've witnessed a few things happening in Sunday school as of late and I've decided to move it a bit higher. I'm thinking of it as a reminder that it's something we gaze upon....
...I'm rather fond of the new set up, anyhow!

The lovely Oxalis has made an appearance as part  of our plant "row" in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day:)

Somewhat unrelated, but perhaps you recall that I am attempting to grow my hair waist length or longer....I am taking measures to make sure that it is healthy growth, cared for in a gentle manner. I'm sheepishly happy to report that it has grown over 3 inches since January! it is in the beginning of February..(and hello to W in the background!)

and here it is at the beginning of March!
I have found that the best way to protect the length from damage is to wear it up. I've been having fun experimenting with different styles of buns..

 (this may appear complicated but I promise it took me no longer than 4 minutes!)

As always, thank you for reading...and a blessed Season of Lent to you!


  1. Your hair is beautiful! Love, love the bun!

  2. Your hair grew so quickly, what is your secret? It's beautiful, and the bun is a lovely way to wear it.

    Thank you as always for your inspiring blog.

  3. I am currently trying to grow my hair out. How did you get three inches since January?! That's amazing! I'm lucky for a half inch. Any advice would e appreciated! You're hair looks beautiful

  4. I love the idea of a dish of soil, what a great object lesson for lent. Love your needle felted snowdrop doll, very pretty. Your hair is lovely, I go back and forth between quite short and moderately long, but my daughter has beautiful long hair, I think we may have to try and put her hair up in a bun like that. :)

  5. Thank you so much <3 And I do believe we need a phone chat ;) Your hair is so beautiful! I miss my long hair. I love how you put it up in the bun.

  6. As a girl visiting my Grandmother in England I pulled out all her oxalis making sure to get out the bulbs and threw it away in her burning aga stove as a thankyou for having us stay (in Australia, oxalis is a rampant pest in the garden!) She calmed down eventually once she understood why I thought she would be pleased, and we still laugh about it to this day. Love your lenten thoughts and cute basket of oxalis.

  7. Oh, wow!! Your hair is amazing!! What is your secret??

    Love your blog :)



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