Friday, February 24, 2012

The Star Money

I am back from a story-telling hiatus to share with the children one of my most favorite fairy tales, The Star Money.

I needed to take a break from storytelling last week as I was feeling out of sorts with W's behaviors and illness. I wanted to keep with our usual storytime rhythm, but felt that I just couldn't. There was too much going on and if I don't feel like I'm "into the story" or excited and joyful about it, then I just won't do it. What's the use?
  This week I was ready to go. 

The Star Money is a beautiful and well known Grimm's tale about a young girl who gives of all she has and receives much in the end.
(find the story here)

At the end of the tale, I let yellow paper coins fall from my hand as the children tried to sit still to watch them float down to floor. It was so difficult for them to not grab at was our final telling of the tale, so at the end I handed each of them several coins which had "fallen from the sky."

They were very happy!
I love the underlying message of this tale....give of your treasures, share what makes you glad...

Friday is also our weekly pizza day where we create our own pizzas to share for lunchtime. The children arrive in the morning to find all of the ingredients upon the table for them. I purposely only set out 2 bowls of sauce and cheese so the children share with each other. They figure it out on their own and I feel that a lesson is learned every week!

Looks like extra cheese to me!

I mix and prebake the dough the day before with the children in the afternoon after rest time

We strive for a somewhat silent mealtime (we focus on eating and drinking; taking small bites and chewing slowly), but pizza day always seems to be our most quiet lunch. Everyone is eating!  After we're almost through, we sometimes tell little stories for each other while we wait to put out our mealtime candle.

The children are excused one by one to wash their dishes in the kitchen. Monica and I are toying around with how this works best and I think we are making headway. It's nice to have someone thoughtful to bounce ideas of off! (Love her!)

washing dishes in one room while the others wait in another...

Sometimes it is hard for young children to sit so long at the table, but I think it is a good thing to practice. Visitors to our group are always impressed with how long the children sit and how they are so willing to help set the table. I feel very proud in those moments! I think back to September 2010 when I first thought of having a homecare program. It seemed like it would never happen; there were many obstacles to overcome. But here we are, and it's such a joy. I know that I will always remember these days and the children who have made them so special.


oiling our bowls at the close of the week together...

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. What a lovely idea. We struggle to get our two to sit at the table, but it is worth sticking with.

  2. What a wonderful story! Your pizza time lunch looks very nice as well. :)

  3. Star Money is one of my favs too! Have you seen the hanging Star child doll at my etsy store? I would love to have our mealtimes go so smoothly. Sounds lovely and peaceful.

  4. where do you get the ideas for the stories and the fun extra stuff you do with them?
    My DD is 2 1/2 and would love to start to do some storytime type of stuff with her but I am def not that creative to think up something this fun.
    Looks like that love it

  5. Love all of your posts! I'm nearly halfway through my LifeWays North America training & I'm in the process of converting my home child care program to a Waldorf/Steiner inspired care program, your posts are always such inspiration! Quick question, where did you find the lovely wooden bowls? I've been having a heck of a time finding wooded bowl/plates for the littles to eat from and care for! A nudge in the right direction would be very appreciated! :) Blessings!

  6. I my children and I love the star money story. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love fairy tales. I like the pictures!

  8. that is the girls nightlight in their room~ I adore that story!! xo


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