Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the Winter Garden...

In the Winter Garden,
Seeds lie warm below,
Flowers are waiting, waiting, waiting...
For the Spring to blow...

...Thankful to have made it through this weekend somewhat unscathed...0
W had his first trip to the Emergency Room on Friday night..
In true Friday the 13th fashion, W tripped up our very first step and ripped the bottom of his chin open.
How ironic, especially after he's been jumping off of everything...climbing up anything...
I'm not the type to feel anxious about these things, and I know that he feels that I trust him (of course, stepping in when something is definitely not safe...but staying in the background, otherwise.)
So, when he was dripping blood after taking what seemed like a not-so-bad fall....
When the cut was still bleeding a bit a few hours later...
When Daddy came home and we both just looked at each other...
It's not a pleasant experience by any means, but we were in and out within 2 hours.
We were home in time for a bath (which always helps to "wash away" overstimulating experiences, I have found....) and when he stood on his stool to brush his teeth and started to lose his balance....well, my heart started to race. I think that after an ER experience is so fresh, you can't help but be a little bit fearful. I'm hoping to be hearing more than "be careful" come from both Jay and I in the next few days:)

We're thankful to be home, playing with cars on the "rainbow ramp" (a painted piece of folded cardboard)...

...Watch out for that treacherous first step!


  1. Oh my heart goes out to you! That first trip to the ER is so scary...well actually ALL trips make my heart race! You sound like you handled it well though! I hope he heals quickly!
    ~ joey ~

  2. It's so hard to calm the heart after falls and trips to the ER. Kids are amazing at letting go though.

  3. Ooh ouch! I hope W is feeling better and your heart can go back to its normal beat. Take care!

  4. poor little sprite .... scary for a mama and a papa... sounds like you all had the love and support from each other --- you must feel so proud of each other for that ... much light and magic to all of you as you "heal" from the experience. hugs :)

  5. Oh little darlin' how scary for him- and for you! So glad it's all in the past now- and you can go on with life as usual!
    Oh these little ones, how vulnerable they have made us Mamas!

  6. oh, the mama heart and how it leaps for our lil ones. so sorry you all had to go through this but it sounds like you all handled it really well. i remember the day E fell down the last stair inside our house (it's solar and we have brick floors). right about her top two teeth was a huge blood blister; it was okay but made me cringe to look at. we were on the way out to meet my BFF, a nurse so that assured me some. blessings on W as he heals.


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