Friday, December 16, 2011

The third week of Advent...

Praise the bull and bless the bee,
Thank the mouse and manatee.
Praise the deer and bless the dog,
Hallowed be the horse and hog.
Praise all creatures big and small,
Bless them wide, and bless them tall;
For their goodness and their light,
We thank their soul's in the Winter's night
~Reg Down, The Festival of Stones

...Well, it looks like my impatience with the camera situation has gotten the best of me...the pre owned camera I purchased turns out to be a very old model and I haven't the foggiest how to go about using it correctly...that is, if it works. My old camera is lost somewhere in our house, which is enough to drive anyone mad! I panicked at the thought of being without a camera for Christmas, and I jumped at the used one. Now I am scrambling to sell it on Ebay; hoping to get half of my money back. Lesson learned: a quick fix is never really a fix!

Enter my wonderful assistant for playschool and fantastic friend, Monica with a replacement camera for me...she is so incredible to work with and have as a part of my life. We've been working together for about 4 months now and it's clear to see that she picks up on what I need (regarding the children, our rhythm, etc.) before even asking her. She's hoping to become an assistant in an early childhood Waldorf classroom one day soon, and I know she'll be fantastic. Monica is a rare breed in the friend/confidant department...and the children adore her.

Life has taken some interesting turns in the past week...I feel like the Advent season is akin to a very long full moon...what with the hustle of the Christmas approaching, everyone starts to seem a bit on the jumpy, frustrated, anxious side. I've been approached with conflict between acquaintances like never before in my life and I've been feeling so distracted by this. What helps me most is my son and the love I can so freely and easily give to him, no matter whatever else is happening in this crazy world. The playschool children are also a very real reminder that the world is good. I'm so thankful to be working closely with young children...I prefer them over adults any day.

Wheat grass grown to harvest and dry for Baby Jesus' manger

The week has been spent gawking at our countdown to Christmas Day in disbelief at how close it really is. After that, the New Year, which brings about the promise of change and renewed hope. It's just what I need.

Quoting one of my most favorite bands....
....Sweetness Follows.

..If you know the song, you'll appreciate this young girl's brought tears to my eyes.


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