Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas

"...In Holland I'm called "Sinter Klaas!"
In other places "Santa Claus!"
They call me Sinter Klaas and Santa Claus.
In France they call me "Pere Noël!"
To others I'm just "Kris Kringle!"
In England you ask , "Guess who Nick is?"
I'm just known as "Father Christmas!"
In Russia they don't say "Nicklas!"
Instead they shout out "Grandfather Frost!"
Though children of the world give St. Nick-names,
His spirit is still the same!
My spirit is still the same.

  ~Fr. Joseph Marquis


  1. ;) Love it Rebecca! As always you have a magical way of bringing in wonderful traditions and celebrating the beauty of the season! Your little one is truely blessed !

    (Now if only I could get it together ;) )


  2. Beautiful! Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

  3. Happy St Nicholas Day to you and your family!
    My husband's family is Dutch (and he's lived there as well) so we too had a visit from Sinterklaas last night, I'll be posting a photo later in the day!
    ~ joey ~

  4. Fr. Joseph is our priest! He makes a fantastic St. Nicholas each year, bringing the children much delight!


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