Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hi everyone...
We're experiencing some computer problems as of late..
I hope to be back up and running; sharing Martinmas photos with you sometime this week.
It was such a beautiful and warming celebration!
In the meantime, have a look at the Online Waldorf Library...
Click "focus search"  in the left hand column.. check "article" in the recource type column, then check the boxes which you wish to read further...
(I chose "early childhood"....and spent much of this past week reading and pondering..)
Enjoy and "see" you soon:)


  1. I love love the waldorf library. I just need more time to spend there *grin*. Happy Martinmas day :)

  2. Hope to see you up and running soon. I know how computer things can make one crazy.

  3. Rebecca! Hi!! Love your picture, sorry about the computer, they do suck don't they? Do you remember me?/ Samantha from "Our Waldorf Home"? I took a blogging break, I was pg, then had a newborn and never found time to blog/create! I have since, found more time to blog (and start a new one) and knit/sew and now sell! I have been making Waldorf dolls! They are fun! Hoever blogging and now selling may take a back seat ;( I am pg again! Bbaby #4 due in March! I'm going to keep chugging along, because I miss my wonderful little blogging community! Your daycare business looks like it's growing and your daiy magic makes me smile ;)


  4. I hope you get your computer issues sorted. Must be frustrating. I will have to go and click on the link you posted. Jacinta x

  5. So nice here!!!!!I really love your space!!


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