Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Story

This week's story was one of my first "made from scratch" stories.
After more than a month of fairy tales (well, one month would be 3 stories total..), I felt inclined, inspired, and confident enough to make up my own story.
As we close the first week of October , I felt it was time for a tale of the changing of seasons and the world around us...

'The Autumn Walk'
Once there were 2 friends who enjoyed playing outdoors together. During the warm Summer days, they would walk and walk together; noticing all of the beautiful objects surrounding them...bumblebees...purple and pink flowers...the glistening dew on the grass....a wet earthworm....the Summer sun felt warm on their backs and they played all day long in this beauty...
While on a walk one day, the friends noticed a breeze on their felt a bit cold. A few days later, they heard crunch, crunch, crunch underfoot. Upon looking down, they saw many brown, red, orange, and yellow leaves...what a sound they made! While playing outside, the friends began to notice different gifts from Mother Earth...
A conker; smooth and shiny
A pine cone, brown and prickly
An acorn wearing a bumpy hat
An orange pumpkin, round and cool
..The friends remembered the Summer garden, with the long pumpkin vines and bright yellow flowers..."How things have changed!", they thought..
As the friends walked on, they wondered many things...
But most of all, they wondered what they would discover as the days grew more cold and the skies grew more gray.

 Such a simple story, but the children loved it. I remind myself every story/puppet time that less really is more. This story was inspired by our walks back from the park which we take every portion of the sidewalk was all of a sudden covered with brown leaves on day..W walked down the sidewalk, as he always does, but stopped at the end of this leaf covered sidewalk. He stood there a thought for a moment. He turned around, walked back to where the leaves started...and trudged through them again with a big smile.
Our story closes with a simple song..

Summer, goodbye, Summer goodbye...
you may no longer stay, 
winter is on its way..
Summer goodbye, Summer goodbye.

More from our week..

The proud artist!

Our floors are shiny and clean after much help:)

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a sweet story, Rebecca! I'm not quite confidant enough yet to make up my own story, but this is inspiring!

  2. A lovely story! Children always love what we have to share with them when we share in a mindful manner :)

    Well Done!

  3. thank you for sharing all that you do - and i really love this story you made up. so simple and inspiring to others to make up their own. i think you're going to help me get the courage to finally do my own. i just need a few more things for my set up. i love seeing little W and his curls - reminds me so much of ezra at the same age. hope you have a peaceful fall weekend!

  4. What a lovely story! And I love your description of your little one discovering leaves! It warms the heart!

  5. What a sweet story and I can imagine how hard it must be to keep it short and simple! They look like a terrific group of kids!

  6. love them! Great story as well! Kenzie asked for a new story while we lay in bed yesterday so i will remember this one for him! Thank you for sharing xx

  7. I LOVE the pic of everyone!! =) What a special group ~ clearly there's some karmic destiny interweaved in there ;)

  8. As both a children's librarian and a mother, it's so wonderful to see your stories. It's a reminder to me to continue storytelling with my children. Lately, my son has been wanting to tell me stories! It is such a wonderful validation (and his stories aren't bad, either!). Once again, your blog is so inspiring. It's great to see someone out there really using Waldorf principles, and incorporating them so beautifully into the home. Perhaps I'll start basing all of our weeks on yours (just a few days behind!) =)

  9. What a lovely thing to do, we read loads of stories in our house but never make up our own and I feel bad about that...I am definitely going to start creating stories with my children now after reading your wonderful post. Thank You!


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