Thursday, September 29, 2011


Meditative Thoughts for Autumn
“It is true that spring is fair, and it is a fine capacity of the human soul to perceive the beauty of the spring, the growing, sprouting, burgeoning life. But to be able to perceive also when the leaves fade and take on their fall coloring, when the animals creep away — to be able to feel how in the sensible which is dying away, the gleaming, shining, soul-spiritual element arises — to be able to perceive how with the yellowing of the leaves there is a descent of the springing and sprouting life, but how the sensible becomes yellow in order that the spiritual can live in the yellowing as such — to be able to perceive how in the falling of the leaves the ascent of the spirit takes place, how the spiritual is the counter-manifestation of the fading sense-perceptible; this should as a perceptive feeling for the spirit — ensoul the human being in autumn! Then he would prepare himself in the right way precisely for Christmastide.”
Rudolf Steiner

Michaelmas Candle

Dragon bread which was great fun...we carried him around like a pet when he was baked:)
And ate him, of course, after he was tamed and tasted so sweet..

It was a day down at the park, before the rain came and chased us home..

Oh, hello!
Here I am in a few rare photos during circle and story time...

My nursling during story....!

Wishing you all bravery and clarity of mind for the upcoming season:)


  1. much light,peace, and clarity to you .... insert cyber hug here .... :)

  2. looks like a wonderful day! very peaceful and love to see children being outside enjoying nature!

  3. I'm so glad I stumbled across your beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. Happy Michaelmas, Rebecca!
    I absolutely adore the photo of you and your nursling. :)

  5. Looks like a lovely story! Happy Michaelmas!


  6. your blog is my *happy place*!
    here we are at our playschool celebrating michaelmas:

  7. What a sweet celebration, Rebecca. Happy Michaelmas to you!

  8. Beautiful celebration - so nice to see you, too <3 <3 Happy belated Michaelmas!!

  9. So lovely to see your nursling enjoying a storytime snack. Sigh, my littlest one is no longer nursing, and I miss those moments together.


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