Saturday, August 13, 2011

Swish, swish, wash, wash...

 During our morning and afternoon playschool snacks, we use ironed and folded cloth napkins to place our food upon or to lay in our laps. These napkins get a lot of use, as we also use them for lunch time, too! My wash day for rags is Thursday, which didn't exactly work out so we would have fresh napkins for each play school day. Washing rags twice a week seemed like a waste, too....

My solution to this challenge is to incorporate a wash time into our afternoon rhythm.
The children were glad to do so!

Our song to  go along with this activity is one which I pulled from our most recent circle..
It is an old German children's song and while I do not have the music for it, this is a pretty close example in German...

Show me your feet, and show me your shoes (tap feet in front of body)
and see what busy washerwomen do...
they're washing, they're washing,
they're washing all day long (appropriate gestures)
they're washing, they're washing, they're washing all day long...

(replace washing with wringing, hanging, folding, pressing with each verse)
I like to end the song with "they're dancing all day long..."!

We've also been exploring with the hammer and nail...
A few sturdy boards have made their way into our playroom for building, too.

               Above is some hand dyed yarn created by my assistant, Miss H. We used beets, turmeric, and indigo. I am so grateful for her assistance, and I will very much miss her when she returns to school in the Fall. With a total of 8 children for Fall playschool (we have grown!!), including my nursling and the eldest child who must be taken to afternoon kindergarten down the block, it is more than clear that I will be needing some assistance. I have been half heartedly searching, hoping that something will fall into place in good time and for good reason. Alas, I have found that person, and she will be splendid! Her 3 year old daughter will also accompany her and I couldn't be more happy. This little girl attended playschool for a bit, but was distracted understandably so by her mama's absence. Having both mother and daughter with us will be just wonderful for everyone.
    Fall is just around the corner?!

Bah, I'm not thinking about it much. There are many more festivals and celebrations in our town to be enjoyed before the close of the Summer season. I'm also promising myself that we will return to the ocean one more time.....


  1. What a great idea to wash with the children. This ( is a much better version of the song. I am from Germany though and I always sing the song with my son when we're doing laundry. It's wonderful that you know this song.

  2. Oh washing is such a favorite in our home, all the children love it, but most especially my 4 year old. Just today he washed dolly clothes outside and hung them out.
    I am so happy to hear how your playschool has grown! <3

  3. Oh I so wish I had introduced my kids to washing at an early age, I wonder if it's too late?! ;o) Today my little guy and I were sanding and polishing with homemade beeswax polish, so much fun!
    I am in love with your natural screen of sunflowers! It's gorgeous!
    I'm so glad that you found the right person to join you in your playschool journey. I bet you will have all kinds of fun together! You know if I lived closer then I would have applied! ;o)
    Now off to the beach with you, my friend!
    ~ joey ~
    PS. I have to tell you that the silk scarves that I found at our thrift store for $1 each was right after I read your post on dying with natural dyes! How serendipitous is that??!!

  4. Thank you for your kind comment. =)

  5. Looks like beautiful days with children. I'm glad you have found a good fit for the fall. Love beach days. We are about to go on our annual beach week with my extended family. I am counting down the days. :-)

  6. I am so inspired by your playschool; very happy to follow your blog and hopefully follow your lovely example. Love the washing ritual, so perfect!!

  7. What a wonderful idea. It sure looks like they are enjoying themselves. Take care.


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