Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yarn Along: A Bunny Family

One of the young girls at playschool really has a keen eye on my handwork...
"What are you making, Rebecca?"
"Who is it for?"
"...Could you make me one, too?"
Such a sweet soul! I struggle to say, "no, honey, it's for someone else..."

Often, she asks to take toys and dolls home. I see it as a compliment indirectly paid to myself!
Two weeks ago, I sat down and made her a list of my favorite projects. I let her choose one; explaining that it would take some time until the project was completed. This was key, as I've observed all of the children wanting a very innocent instant gratification when it comes to many things and subjects.
She's asked about this project every day, and now, I'm ready to present it to her...

A Bunny Family! And how did those naughty bunnies hop into the garden? I suppose I'll leave them there to munch on cucumber flowers until a certain little girl discovers them...
Very simple pattern from one of my favorite craft books; a quick knit perfect for a beginner.
In time, I'll let each child select a handmade item for their very own.
Do you have a tried and true, gentle response for the inevitable "I wants.."?

I've also been working on some recorder cases for a music teacher in my family.
By the end of the summer, I'll have made 25 for her classroom!
This is my first project on DPNs, and it's great practice!

I'm also trying my hand at some simple embroidery for a young friends 2nd birthday!
Speaking of birthdays...W's 2nd birthday is the beginning of August, and will be here before we know it!
We are making plans for food, music (a guitar sing-a-long, courtesy of some very talented family members!), and of course, decorations. Alas, first things first, the invitations!

I'm needlefelting toadstools on wool batting and gluing watercolor paper to the back. I'm thinking of attaching a string so they can double as a small wall hanging.
...We're getting ready to go into vacation mode; my favorite time of year. I'm ready for the surf and the sand and the good times that surely await us:)
  But for now, we enjoy the mild temperature, strawberries, and the occassional ice cream cone for dinner:)


  1. So lovely to see some different projects! So very sweet..

  2. I love the recorder cases! So lovely.

  3. You are so sweet, Rebecca! What lucky children to know you. My response to the "I wants" is to say "I know! I want you to have x or I want you to be happy too (depending on what they say they want! I won't say j want them to have a gun etc) but I need more time, don't have enough pennies right now. I will tuck that thought away on a special shelf in my mind and get it out another day." And then distract! My son manages his anxiety by wanting lots of things so we practice a lot!

  4. Oh my God, I love those felted toadstool-thingies!! Wonderful =)

  5. What sweet bunnies! Alas I have no tried and true answer to the "I want" request. I think your response was gentle and true. They are lucky to have you!

  6. I knit that same bunny pattern a couple of years ago.It's such a clever design isn't it!
    Yours are so cute :)

  7. Your projects are always sweet and inspiring. I love the little invitations. I did something similar for the girls birthday cards last year... I needlefelted little pictures and glued paper onto the back with crayon pictures and the writing. I did put loops on them, Chessa's is hanging above the nature table since it was just her birthday but I have a spot chosen on the wall where I would like to hang them together.

    Enjoy your strawberries and sun! XOXO

  8. Love the bunnies and the birthday invitation cards...so adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. A lovely post filled with all of my favourite things! Making gifts for others, needle felting, birthday planning, what fun at your house! Will you teach me how to knit?!? I tried knitting recorder cases for my littles this past Easter but they stretched and ended up way to long so then I felted them but they still didn't work out, so I simply had to let it go and change my plans! I ended up sewing them from a batik fabric and embroidered their names on them.
    My answer for the I wants is to add it to their 'wish list'. If they still are wishing for something around their Birthdays or Christmas then we'll see about getting it for them. Most often they forget about the items wanted on a whim but they don't forget the toys or items that touched them deeper.
    Wonderful post friend! Thank you!
    ~ joey ~

  10. Ooooh, I love the bunnies, they're adorable! I have to try this.


  11. I love Lucy's response to the "I wants" - that's the same approach I try to take... "I want to be able to give you that / I want that to be possible..." but I do like the "I'll tuck it away on a special shelf in my mind and get it out another day." That's just lovely ♥

  12. Your blog is so sweet...

    I really like those recorder cases. I wonder how much bigger I would have to make them in order to felt them afterward.

    And the needle-felted toadstools are adorable!

  13. Wow, you are SO sweet and giving. I love this. That little girl is lucky to have you as an inspirational leader. She will never forget.

  14. I've just started following your blog and am so inspired by your busy hands! Your invites are devine... We are hosting a 'handmade, home-grown and hand-me-down' party for my little man's 1st birthday this September so I'll be sure to check back here for some more inspiration ...x.

  15. Oh such delightful things you are creating! I love being inspired by your posts.

  16. So many lovely things in this post. You've been gifted with a soft touch and sweet soul. Take care.

  17. Rebecca, so very sweet. :) In my experience, children really do love handmade things, made just for them!

  18. Children need to learn to appreciate special toys. I love that you have thought about how children want instant gratification. You watch how careful this little one will be with her new bunny family! What a blessing that these children have such a role model in their lives. Good on you, Jane xx


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