Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple Summer Centerpiece

One of my favorite tasks while preparing for a playschool day is bringing fresh flowers or other greens into our home for centerpieces. Both our large all purpose table and our snack table get a bouquet or bud each morning. I make sure to clear away any wilted flowers from the day before; each morning starts fresh. Our centerpiece for our large table is a grapevine wreath in which I place a mason jar of flowers. During Easter, I adorned this wreath with flowering branches, and it looked so colorful and festive! Of course, we have moved forth from blossoming branches into the green lushness of Summer, so I have been hoping to find an alternative...
This morning, I went outside to look for roses or other flowers. I noticed the bush in our front yard needed a trim, so I thought to cut a few branches off of it and weave them into our centerpiece.

                                   Here's my little guy, showing you the branches we selected!
                         Do you have a hedge or tree in your yard that needs trimming (eh, repurposing?!)

Weave the sprigs into your wreath to create a simple and beautiful centerpiece!

....I'm over my post vacation blues, and happy to be back into the rhythm of our home:)
Some scenes from playschool...

It's dress up time for W..

                                                          The sweetest of playmates...

                                          Summer Mosaics created with glue and dried beans

                                                            ..Have a joyful weekend!


  1. I love your centerpiece! I love decorating with nature! Also love the little banner in your kitchen. We share the banner love!


  2. What a pretty wreath! Your place is amazing, even your kitchen is like a cozy nest! I love the beeswax luminary with pressed flowers! I want to make one!
    ~ joey ~

  3. Your home looks so warm and inviting! I love the centerpiece.

  4. A beautiful wreath. Your playschool kids are so lucky! I love the bean mosaics. I'm going to store that idea away for a rainy day. We rarely bring flowers in because of my husbands allergies, but we do have a big bouquet for Midsummer which I love.

  5. Nice activity for the children.When their imagination is helped in this manner it is better for them to bloom in every field of life...Because they have to find imagination and creativity in every field if their life.

  6. Such a warm and happy looking home. Perfect for growing children in.

  7. Lovely center piece, Rebecca! But the loveliest is that little boy you've got. . .! He always radiates such light and happiness. :)

  8. That's so pretty! I'll have to bring some leafies in for our table, too...


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