Thursday, June 2, 2011

Acsension Day

Taken from All Year Round..

Forty days after Easter, as described in Acts 1: 2-12, the Risen Christ was "taken up" into the heavens and "a cloud received him out of sight"...

Between the common ground of our daily life and the vaulted heights of our ideals, the longings of our heart swell like summer clouds....

Ascension marks the near end  of the Easter season; one which has been particularly renewing for me.
For the first time this year, I brought large rose blooms into the house. Gazing at the unfolded and velvety flowers which were once tightly closed buds reminds me of the new promise and serenity I feel through Christ's unconditional love, which is with us now and forever. Like Christ in his new state, we can't touch it or "see it", but it's everywhere...

at our snack table..

I wanted to honor this day with the playschool children in a simple manner filled with peaceful and billowy images. parachutes flying through the sky....watching smoke float through the air....gazing at the clouds in silence...
wool butterflies

 We also fully lit our festivity candles at mealtime, which is reserved for special days.

With so many beautiful festivals to honor in the home throughout the year, and depending on your religious views, one may ask, "Do I need to address each one?"

I've been learning meaningful ways to celebrate Festivals in our home as we progress thorough the year our own way.

Martinmas, 2010
I do glean many ideas from books and some fantastic blogs, but in the end, I think of what each day means to me. How can I make it special, yet not overwhelming for the children? (or myself!) How can I present it in a way that respects the phase of development each child is presently in? (such as, not over explaining details..)
Winter Solstice spiral of light, 2010

Candlemas, 2011
Set aside a special time for each festival, as brief as you like. Do something simple, like lighting a special candle, create a simple vignette on your nature table for the children to gaze upon in wonder, tell a story....give yourself moments throughout the day to meditate on what the day means to you. Honor the rhythms of the year by including these special days in your own way.


  1. You've given me something to think about with this. I often think that I would like to mark festivals and other occasions better, but it's difficult as we are all easily overwhelmed by too much noise or activity and I struggle with preparations if they are anything but basic. Perhaps I really just need to work better to those limitations and design celebrations/remembrances that work for us.

  2. tinsenpup, you are so right..! Our may day celebration was so much fun, but in the ened, the chjildren were so overwhelmed and overtired and over stimulated. I think that there are some festivals that are loud and "big", like Christmas, easter, Valentine's Day...but some of them are meant to be more quiet and reflective than anything...they should all have an element of quiet...maybe just some more than others:) <3

  3. My job makes large celebrations almost impossible. I never have holidays off. Yet I love our quiet gatherings that happen later (and even our non gatherings)even more than the busy ones. I had never heard of Ascension Day before your blog and was wondering what it was when you mentioned it last. Thank you for teaching me something new today. Take care :)

  4. The way you write about your celebrations is very inspiring! And I love your photographs!
    Greetings from Severine

  5. I totally agree, the "non-commercialized" celebrations are far less over-stimulating to my children and are often more enjoyable and memorable! Our way of living is already quite simple, but every year I try to trim it back a little more. I find then I don't become overwhelmed either!

  6. Hi Rebecca,

    I LOVE the blue silk parachute! Where did you find such a treasure? I have been searching high nd low for one like it for years! :)



  7. Such a gift you share with the playschool children. And with us. Thank you.

  8. your celebrations always look so beautiful!
    Id love to celebrate more festivals but I get a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how and when to suit our opposite seasons here in the southern hemisphere. One day ill figure it out, in the meantime ill be inspired being able to see yours:)

  9. I love you photos! I want to attend your playschool it looks truly magical, what lucky children. I hope everyone had a beautiful Ascension Day.

  10. Beautiful images of your celebrations. Agree, simple can be just as special - often more. Need to put aside some time to think of upcoming festivals we will celebrate as a family. x

  11. Once we move and get settled into our new home, I want to start really celebrating festivals... it is hard to celebrate in a small cramped apartment.

    Our holidays are usually spent with relatives, but I want our own traditions in our own way as well. I love the simplicity of yours.

    A long time ago, before I was a confirmed Christian, I was involved in a pagan circle where the seasons and festivals like Lammas, Beltane, Solstices were celebrated. Although I came to believe in Christ, I always loved that part of Wicca...the connection of time and nature and spirituality. I think this is part of what attracts me to Waldorf and the Liturgical year of the Church...the ritual, the marking of the seasons, holy and natural.

    It is something I really want to bring back into my life.

  12. Rebecca, How beautiful!
    I so appreciate how you strive to make things so meaningful for the children, and that you are sure not to overwhelm them. So many people go so "over the top" with celebrations for children- all the meaning and reverence is lost- and often the little child becomes unhappy. It becomes something for the grown ups.
    In our home we try hard to make celebrations so meaningful for our children, in a way that truly speaks to them. I thank you for your inspiration here!

    I love those wooden bowls on your table!

    Also, you always look so pretty!

  13. I like the simplicity with which you approach the festivals. This is what I need to do because I tend to take too much on and then get overwhelmed and do nothing. This is inspirational! I love the little children all lined up with their wool butterflies. What magic you're creating for them! They must feel so loved and cared for!

  14. Rebecca, What a lovely table centrepiece. You really captured the essence of Ascension with your little troop of sweethearts. What lucky little souls they are to have you in their lives!
    xo Jules


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