Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcoming the Easter Season!

While Easter Day is now behind us (as well as my broken camera card which was replaced this morning!), we joyfully look ahead to celebrating the next 40 days of the Easter season!
Creating a Maypole for May Day...Mayfaire festivals at our local Waldorf schools.....Ascension...Whitsun....to name a few!
It was a whirlwind of a weekend, and I feel a bit melancholic that it is over.
Browsing through the photographs of the past 4 days brings a smile to my face... 

 We used beeswax crayons to decorate wooden eggs during Playschool

We painted hardboiled eggs with watercolors, too...

With instruments in hand, we pranced down to the public rose garden down the street from our house for an egg hunt...
which unfortunately turned quickly into an "I have more eggs than you" competition.
There were some sad faces..
In fact, we had to coax the girls into smiling for the next photo!

I suppose a lot of this comes with the age group, but I will keep aiming to focus on collaboration rather than competition with the children.

A Puppet Story based on "Peter Cottontail"..

...My little fuzzy-haired boy on Easter Morning

...An egg hunt at Great-Grandma's house 
..And a warm memory of a radiant spirit.


  1. What a wonderful few days you've had. I love the wooden eggs and that you colored them with the kids. I'll have to do that! I know my boys would LOVE it! Your playschool looks and sounds like so much fun. What lucky little ones!

  2. Rebecca, your wooden eggs are beautiful! I will keep them in mind for next Easter with my children! Your pictures look like you had a wonderful weekend. (The last picture on yesterday's post had me laughing out loud! Reminded me of me holding my little one! Always exploring;-))

  3. Cami and I made story eggs too. Happy Easter to your sweet family Rebecca! Sounds like such a lovely time. My Cami had a few tears herself. She went to the *hard* area of the Easter egg hunt and found 6 eggs. I was SO proud of her. She was disappointed because her bubby had more (since he went to the easier section), and she wanted more. It worked out that Noah cared about just one egg, so he gave Cami the rest and everyone was happy.

  4. I love the wax crayon eggs, they look so jolly :-) I know what you mean about the easter egg hunt often becoming sad and about competition. We did a 'happy' egg hunt with our playgroup last week. It works really well, maybe it's an idea for next year...here's the link...
    love and hugs Laura x

  5. Very nice eggs..I love the crayon idea.

  6. Where did you get the shelves in the playroom and dining room on your Our Waldorf home? Or did u guys make them? I need something for my daughters playroom and love the open cubbies.

  7. What a lovely, lovely blog. Will be back often.

    Jade x

  8. looks like a very sweet day indeed ~ and the eggs turned out great!

  9. Wonderful pictures! We have done egg hunts two different ways in our daycare that discourages the competition. One is to use a community basket, so all the eggs found go together. Another is to hide enough for each child to gather a certain amount (say 2). When they have found their set amount, they help a friend that is struggling by hunting along with them.


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