Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A quick Easter knit

With Holy Week upon us and Easter Sunday just around the corner, I am excitedly finishing some details on our Easter crafts, gifts, and plans- particularly for playschool this week.
We will be painting wooden eggs, baking Hot Cross Buns, and wet felting an Easter bunny (photos to follow soon!)

I wanted to create a tiny Easter egg cozy for the wooden eggs we are painting, but the big day is approaching and I don't want to rush through anything this week, especially.
I found a pattern for a simple and quick Easter Egg basket (Ravelry notes here)...it's perfect for nestling one egg inside! I suppose you could also use it for Easter candies, but I'm not thinking about that right now, ahem. My stomach is already hurting from chocolate overload and the excess that this time of year brings... bah!

The wheatgrass for W's Easter basket is growing tall and fast. Until Easter, I've displayed it on our ever growing Nature Table (thanks to the playschool children!) They love to run their hands through it, and I can understand why...it is so soft to the touch.

Ah yes. Here is the not-so-quickly knitted Easter bunny for W. This pattern gave me a lot of trouble, what with the endless amounts of seaming and easy ways to make cosmetic mistakes. I got a bit frustrated and didn't even finish the final arm detail as of yet. A good friend of mine is rewriting the pattern for DPN's and will hopefully share it with us soon!

All around us, the trees blossom and burst into color. Our days are happily spent in both the rain and sunshine....my thoughts rest on Easter and the deliverance it promises to bring. I'm looking forward to sharing photos from our Baptism and other festivities!
Until then, here is our playschool week in photos...

A snack prepared and enjoyed together

New curtains for the playroom

A puppet show which brings smiles to all (and W's new favorite pastime!)

A doll in my apron pocket for safe keeping

A handful of softness....

Sending you love and joy,


  1. this is all just so sweet and lovely :-)

  2. I would really love to come to your playschool! Please may I? (and thinking of you in the countdown to your baptisms! It's so exciting! My husband had his first confession this past weekend, and all his nerves about it reminded me of when I was recieved a few years ago - such a precious precious time in one's life!)

  3. Beautiful pictures, cheers Marie

  4. Beautiful Easter crafting. I wish I had more time. I'd make those egg cozies. :)

  5. All just beautiful, as always. I love your dear little rabbit especially. I wonder if you know the milly-molly-mandy story where she goes to the party and wins the doll but longs for the little rabbit? It reminded me straightaway of that.

  6. I'm so excited for your baptism at the Great Vigil of Easter. The service has a dramatic power unlike any other, and you and your little one are blessed to celebrate your baptisms in that context. I will be thinking of you on Saturday night, and will remember you two in my prayers at our own Great Vigil out here in California.

  7. I just love to see the pictures from your days and look forward to hearing what is to come. I didn't even notice your bunny was missing an arm until you mentioned it. Wishing you a joyous day for the baptism.

  8. Your bunny looks very cute in spite of the trouble it gave you.

    Our wooden eggs haven't arrived yet. We may need to extend Easter a little to accommodate them when they do. They'll be lovely to paint.

  9. Your photos are so warm and cozy looking. I love your egg cozies and the needle felted old man on your nature table

  10. I was just trying to come up with an egg cozy idea and didn't even think of knitting or crocheting one.
    Happy Easter.
    Warm wishes,

  11. I love your Easter knitting and it is soooo fun to see the playschool pictures! Such beauty there!

  12. Those knits are adorable. I plan to paint wooden eggs next year!


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