Sunday, November 7, 2010



The dutiful play of a young child is so magnificent to watch....
Every day, W discovers more and more things he can do...
My recent favorite is block towers...


The concentration...
He places them oh-so carefully...
takes his hands away quickly...
a satisfactory grunt follows...



Looking forward to the fading light of Winter...
The inner glow of contentment..
The unrushed time at home..
especially excited for a Martinmas gathering and lantern walk later on in the week...

"It is a happy talent to know how to play.."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Beautiful thoughts and photos Rebecca.
    My girls have been playing with paper airplanes all morning, pink of course.

    Simple and delightful.


  2. Blocks are such an important part of play ... it is my favorite center at dayhome... soooo much language development happens there! amazing little towers .... lovely
    light and peace

  3. i love unrushed time at home too... am making that a priority right now too.. : )

  4. such a sweet quote. My Noah has been stacking and stacking lately. He goes through phases of that. Love these photos of W. So magical to watch the little mind at work. :-)

  5. Im so inspired by your last post about the green public, school, how completely fantastic! Is your play school going to be part of it? Cant wait to see it all come together, such positivity!

  6. As a "grown-up", I definately believe it is a talent to know how to play. I remind myself of this often! Happy stacking, little W.
    xo Jules

  7. Blocks are the best. I love his new skills! Your photos are beautiful; I love the mood of them! Peace, Angela

  8. I love these warm and sweet. It is so fun to watch young children play and learn.


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